Solutions by Computer Enfinity e-Sign electronic signature capability

The Enfinity rental management system from Solutions by Computer offers an over-the-Internet electronic signature capability called e-Sign, designed to make it easy to capture rental commitments from customers remote from the rental business. With e-Sign an emailed link reaches customers who are not physically present when the contract is created. Contract terms, items and rates are reviewed and agreed to by the customer online. The executed contract is stored off site, with copies distributed via email to the customer and rental store.

“Our Enfinity users can keep pace with their customers’ increasingly mobile lifestyles by using e-Sign,” says J.J. Shea, general manager of SBC. “It provides both convenience and a competitive advantage. The e-Sign process is a seamless extension of Enfinity and in environmentally friendly, which is a consideration for many businesses today.”

The e-Sign process works with any mobile or desktop device that has an Internet browser. No special software or registration process is needed. The executed document is stored off-site, with copies automatically distributed via email to the customer and the rental store.

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