National Lift Truck Customizes Truck for 30-Year Transportation Specialist

National Lift Truck has rewarded Rick Johnson, national elite fleet specialized transportation operating engineering specialist, on his 30th anniversary with the company by customizing his truck the way he always wanted it. The company used his favorite color scheme, including chrome detailing.

“National Lift Truck’s equipment engineering specialist Ron Tenut has done all the beautiful custom work on Rick’s special rig, making it look like a real show truck, which turns heads on Chicagoland roads every day now,” said Voitek Dworak, National Lift Truck marketing manager.

National Lift Truck, headquartered in Franklin Park, Ill., in the Chicago area, has been in business for 62 years. The company has retained many of its employees for decades, in some cases spanning multiple generations. NLT is No. 90 on the RER 100.

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