Photo by MEC

MEC Aerial Work Platforms Goes NetZero with Vertical Mast Lifts and Scissor Lifts

Feb. 27, 2024
This full range means MEC now offers its customers a 100-percent electric lift, steer, and drive MEWP in every height to meet their unique fleet needs.

MEC Aerial Work Platforms announces its all new range of NetZero vertical mast lifts and scissor lifts — the largest line of all-electric mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) in North America, the company said. The NetZero nomenclature represents engineering advancements with a new era of fully electric lift, steer, and drive aerial lifts with performance and efficiency, resulting in zero hydraulics, zero leaks and zero emissions.

With 10 NetZero models now available, ranging from 10 feet (3m) to 45 feet (13.5m) platform heights, MEC is a major player in sustainability. “With the NetZero range, MEC demonstrates its dedication towards delivering the most sustainable products in the industry. When your customer and application need this advanced solution, MEC has you covered.” said Gary Crook, vice president of engineering at MEC.

Featuring working heights from 16 feet (4.9m) to 51feet (15m) and indoor/outdoor capabilities in certain models, the new MEC NetZero product line includes the Nano10-XD, 1330AE, Micro13 AE-XD, MMAE16, Micro19AE, Micro19AE-XD, Micro26AE, 3346AE, 4046AE and 4555SAE lifts. This full range means MEC now offers its customers a 100-percent electric lift, steer, and drive MEWP in every height to meet their unique fleet needs. All NetZero all-electric models are engineered to lower customers’ total cost of ownership thanks to their no-engine, no-hydraulics, and maintenance-free battery design — fewer components on the machine means fewer parts that require regular maintenance and service. 

These new machines are also designed to optimize the battery’s duty cycles and maximize energy efficiency during operation, which reduces operating costs and saves money. The MEC NetZero lifts are powered entirely by proven AGM or lithium-ion batteries. All are designed with all-electric actuators that replace a traditional hydraulic system. This breakthrough design removes the risk of hydraulic fluid leaks, which can create conditions that pose hazards to workers and potentially damage finished flooring. And, because there is no engine on NetZero models, there is no coolant in these lifts, further reducing the risk of job site leaks and spills. These features ensure a safer and cleaner work environment while lowering regular maintenance tasks and daily operating costs. 

Additional benefits of the engine-free NetZero range design are zero emissions and zero noise. With no emissions, NetZero lifts are ideal for a broad range of projects, including pollution-restricted urban areas, healthcare facilities, schools, and office buildings where emissions-free work is vital for maintaining air quality. 

Noise-free equipment is especially important when working in sound-sensitive environments, such as residential neighborhoods, and indoor facilities, such as shopping centers and grocery stores. No operating noise translates into improved working conditions for operators and bystanders and less disruption for surrounding areas. As another innovative and safer alternative to ladders, the new NetZero all-electric range directly addresses the evolving needs of the access industry, offering efficient and sustainable work-at-height solutions.