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Product of the Week - Record360 asset condition software

May 20, 2015
Record360, developed by former rental industry executives, is an inspection and asset condition reporting dashboard and mobile app.

Record360, developed by former rental industry executives, is an inspection and asset condition reporting dashboard and mobile app. The software is designed for companies that need to track assets, property, project and production milestones, and inventory.

Record360 provides time-stamped, geo-tagged records of property at the time of exchange. Individuals or entire teams can capture and view asset condition records from anywhere using a tablet or smartphone.

The mobile app can integrate video, images, highlights and necessary annotations to document the condition of an asset. An enterprise dashboard offers customizable workflow across a broad range of use cases—with completely adaptable architecture and all data stored in the cloud for easy access and sharing.

Record360 is available for iOS v7.0+, and on Samsung Tab 4, Samsung Tab Pro, Google Nexus Tablet, and most Android 4.4+ devices, with Samsung Galaxy S support coming soon.

Key enterprise features include:

  • Customizable for a variety of business applications, processes, and industries
  • Manages all users and locations with a single web dashboard for real-time transparency
  • Designed for implementation in single or multiple locations, making it easier to train additional staff
  • Multiple data points available for reporting, analysis and workflow efficiencies
  • Customizable notes
  • VIN scanning, automatically capturing extended vehicle specifications

Record360 is also offered as a free iOS and Android application for consumers who also want protection against liability when renting or sharing autos, vacation homes, apartments or other assets.