Sept. 1, 2008
Stay up to speed with new rental industry technologies and innovations

Online Training

On its website,, rentalresult offers standard schedules, on-line training and provides on-line guides and a full comprehensive library of tutorial movies free of charge to all customers. With access to more than 350 tutorial movies covering the entire rentalresult package, visitors can work at their own speed. The company also runs a regular schedule of on-line training seminars led by rentalresult training consultants, giving users additional insights into the software. Like the tutorial movies, these are completely free of charge.

The training for the Express product is delivered initially on site as part of a concentrated user-based program, followed up by web-based training and self-learning designed specifically around the pre-configured system.

With the Custom and Classic product, rentalresult's training has been designed to facilitate the creation of a tailored Training Program that will maximize skill transfer and retention. The company uses a matrix of small interchangeable modules, learning media and methods. Training here concentrates heavily on ensuring that users can configure their own software to suit their business as well as on new areas of development that may have been added for projects.

Linking Equipment at Jobsites

Topcon Positioning Systems, introduces SiteLINK, a new technology that provides a comprehensive telematics solution for all construction equipment and projects on jobsites. SiteLINK is a wireless communications mapping, data logging, reporting and asset management system for off-road equipment that provides the ability to work with any make, model or type of machine, regardless of manufacturer or age. This technology is based on utilization of Mesh Radio Network built on a standard Wi-Fi environment. It can also pinpoint via GPS any make of equipment on a jobsite, serving as a built-in theft protection program adding geo-fencing functions it says are easy to configure. In addition to monitoring fuel levels, oil pressure, temperature and hours of use via CAN bus or analog connections, data can be collected, stored and processed for individual machines including productivity, real-time machine position and history, percent of selected jobs completed and geometry files.

Online Orders

Diversified Power International launches a comprehensive, redesigned website that allows for real-time business transactions of its products via the Internet. The site,, is designed to expand DPI's marketing potential from its current customer base in North America to around the world. Site visitors are provided a convenient shopping basket to purchase any of DPI's 50 products in 18 market categories including automotive, power sport, electric vehicles, golf and utility carts, industrial, medical, military and solar. Other site features include downloadable product manuals and a customer support section.

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