RER Spotlights Computer software

May 1, 2011
Wynne Systems Axiom ERP is a unified, task-oriented workspace that lets users connect and tab through RentalMan, email, the Internet and any other Web-based

Wynne Systems

Axiom ERP is a unified, task-oriented workspace that lets users connect and tab through RentalMan, email, the Internet and any other Web-based application. To focus on day-to-day processes, roles are assigned to users, which are based on employees' day-to-day tasks. The role an employee is assigned to is determined by their authorizations to application options. For instance, a dispatcher will have access to tasks including counter options, operations reports, dashboards, company email, manufacturers' websites and other job-specific applications. Whereas an accounts receivable manager's user portal has a role with access to collections, payment application, email, rating agencies' websites, and customer-oriented dashboards.
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Ramco Equipment Rental Management Solution is designed to enable equipment rental providers to maximize return on investment by maximizing equipment utilization. With completely integrated supply chain management, asset maintenance and financials functionality, the Ramco solution is a component-based, model-driven platform that is designed to meet current and future business needs.

“Some of the benefits that we have achieved with Ramco are forecast order booking, cost of equipment, work order management and real-time access of information for our sales force and senior management,” says Marty Kroll, chief financial officer for Essex Crane Rental Corp., Buffalo Grove, Ill.
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Corporate Services

The TrakQuip Communication Tools Suite is designed to communicate with users of TrakQuip Asset Tracking/Rental software, their customers and potential third parties using various applications such as mobile device applications, web services, third-party applications, and ASP.Net web applications. The TrakQuip Communication Tools Suite is designed as an intuitive, high-performance solution that optimizes field-service processes and connects clients and their customers' central business systems.
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Texada Software

Texada Software introduces a Software as a Service subscription deployment option for its Systematic Rental Management system. The Texada SRM SaaS subscription option allows organizations to benefit from the expertise of the Texada team without the need for additional internal resources. It includes all the infrastructure, software, hardware and connectivity that a rental or construction operation requires to reap the benefits of the SRM system.

“SaaS affords us all the benefits of the latest SRM software, without the hassle of owning, leasing, maintaining, upgrading and backing up on our own servers,” says Doug Dougherty of Cooper Equipment Rentals, an independent rental company based in Ontario, Canada, that successfully deployed the Texada SaaS option. “SaaS allows us to focus on what we do best — providing equipment rental solutions to our customers — and leave IT systems management to the professionals.”
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Solutions by Computer

Pull-For-Delivery is one of several new rental management capabilities included in the latest Enfinity software release 3.0 from Solutions by Computer. When large orders are staged for delivery, the system produces notification of last-minute order changes that happen after pulling begins — a key way to ensure that complex deliveries are staged accurately. Pull-For-Delivery is designed to give rental businesses more control over three critical areas of operation — customer service, fuel costs and fixed cost efficiency.
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Orion Software

Orion Software provides integrated and scalable software solutions for the rental industry. Its flagship product, Sirius Pro, is a full-feature software application designed to manage the entire range of rental business processes and best practices. Sirius Pro is an award-winning software that offers remote implementation designed for maximum efficiency and cost-savings. For a demonstration and more information about Orion Software and Sirius Pro visit
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Genisys Software

Genisys Software introduces management dashboards as part of its integrated software suite, which includes accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchase orders, general ledger and payroll. The accounts receivable and accounts payable analysis shows graphically the aged receivables and payables side by side (for comparison), and then in the lower right-hand side ages them side by side using the common aging periods (0-30, 31-60, 61-90, 91-120 and 120+). It also shows cash on hand and any line-of-credit balances.
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Point-of-Rental Systems

Released early this year, Point-of-Rental Systems' Corporate Dashboard is now a standard feature within its comprehensive Windows rental management software available for the equipment, event and specialty rental industries. Using owner-defined targets, the Corporate Dashboard feature mines the user's Point-of-Rental data to provide informative visual displays to keep management in the know. This enables managers to respond quickly if the targets are not being reached. Custom dashboards may be defined to optimize company objectives.
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RMI Corp.

The Advantage solution from RMI Corp. is now compatible with tablet computers and additional mobile devices, including the Apple iPad. The tablet compatibility service took effect this month for all Advantage Cloud customers as a means of providing more value to the Advantage Cloud solution with no additional cost to RMI customers. Tablet computers, with their lightweight and space-optimized design, enable true mobility by eliminating the need to carry, or even own, a laptop or netbook.
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