Lift-and-place telehandler

Lift-and-place telehandler

JCB’s 512-56 is the largest machine in the company’s range of telehandlers. “The 512-56 caps off our line of five high-boom, lift-and-place Loadalls with capacities ranging from 6,000 to 12,000 pounds,” said JCB deputy chairman John Patterson. The units can elevate a maximum load of 12,000 pounds with a maximum height of 56 feet and come equipped with axle-mounted stabilizers as standard for superior chassis leveling when the stabilizer legs are down. The boom is positioned high for optimum operator visibility. A hydraulic cylinder mounted underneath the outer boom extends the boom’s intermediate section, with chains for second and third stages. The boom uses a Waxoyl lubricant, exclusive to JCB, which is dry to the touch and thus does not attract sand and dirt that could increase boom-pad wear.

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