Photo by Toyota Material Handling
Compact Tora-Max Walkie Pallet Jack

Toyota Material Handling’s Two New Walkie Pallet Jacks are AC-Powered

Aug. 30, 2022
The Compact Tora-Max Walkie Pallet Jack delivers maneuverability and power with a capacity of up to 3,300 pounds and the full-size Tora-Max Walkie Pallet Jack is built to carry up to 4,000 pounds.

Toyota Material Handling recently launched two AC-powered walkie pallet jacks under the brand Tora-Max – including an all-new Compact Electric Walkie Pallet Jack.

These new models add to Toyota’s lineup of electric products and are designed for customers in the warehousing, manufacturing, beverage, retail, and distribution industries. Both models are available for order online at and at TMH dealers across North America.

“These new ergonomic walkies are perfect for customers who need a fast, turnkey solution for their material handling needs,” said TMH product planning manager Jena-Christine Lawrence. “This product launch is the latest example of Toyota’s mission to provide versatile and valuable solutions for any type of customer.”

The Compact Tora-Max Walkie Pallet Jack delivers maneuverability and power with a capacity of up to 3,300 pounds. The compact design allows for effortless navigation when working in trailers and tight spaces, and comes equipped with an exchangeable lithium-ion battery that allows for fast charging and quick, simple battery replacement.

The compact model also features a multifunction control handle with ergonomic hand grips, fingertip controls of all functions, and an LCD display that shows battery usage and important truck information such as fault codes and working hours.

“The vertical driving position allows operators to maneuver in confined areas without fully extending the control handle,” Lawrence said. “The control handle was designed for comfort and intuitive use so operators can quickly learn to use the equipment.”

The full-size Tora-Max Walkie Pallet Jack is built to carry up to 4,000 pounds, and its high ground clearance permits operation over transitions and uneven surfaces. This model comes equipped with an AC drive motor and a sealed, maintenance-free lead-acid battery with a built-in charger to maximize uptime.

Both models offer useful features such as an electric lift and lower, a turtle mode button to slow the maximum operating speed for enhanced handling control, and an optional high-load backrest.

Learn more about the power, productivity and versatility of these new models in Toyota Material Handling’s growing lineup of electric forklifts at