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Keystone truck body

Curry Supply Co. Launches Keystone Service Trucks

Sept. 28, 2021
All Keystone bodies feature a 52-inch wide and 129-inch deep bed, with tie-down rings and a textured floor for added safety.

Posted by Brooke Just

Curry Supply unveils its brand-new line of service truck bodies: Keystone and Keystone Pro. With a heavy-duty aluminum design and the Pro option for a crane body, Curry’s latest addition to the service body world offers superior construction with the lightweight benefits of aluminum.

“Curry Supply’s introduction of the Keystone line of service bodies will fill a void in the mobile service truck market that we have experienced for quite some time,” said Jeff Shaw, vice president of sales and marketing at Curry Supply. “Both bodies are part of our mobile service and mechanics truck family of products. They are engineered and designed from feedback we received through years of supporting the work truck industry.”

The Keystone and Keystone Pro will be positioned alongside Curry Supply’s current offerings of Stellar, Autocrane, Reading, and Wilcox bodies, making Curry’s offering of stock and customized service trucks one of the largest product lines in North America.

All Keystone bodies feature a 52-inch wide and 129-inch deep bed, with tie-down rings and a textured floor for added safety. Each side features four compartments, three vertical and one horizontal. Every compartment is designed with at least 20 inches of depth and adjustable shelving. Protected door seals and stainless-steel rotary latches keep all compartments secure and watertight.

The Keystone Pro will feature a crane tower that will accept up to a 25,000 foot-pound crane, while still providing ample compartment space for tool and equipment storage. Custom features and upgrades will be available on both Keystone builds, with work ready stock trucks available to ship nationwide from Curry Supply’s manufacturing facilities located in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Texas beginning in Q4 of 2021.

“I am personally excited to see the Keystone come to market,” Shaw said. “We put safety, durability, and ease of use, at the forefront of the Keystone design. It’s a great truck, and we believe will be an excellent solution for our customers and the industry.”

The Keystone Pro and Keystone will be on display at the Utiliy Expo Sept. 28-30 (Booth B1537, East Hall, South Wing) and at the ARA Show Oct. 18-20 (Booth: 4139). For more information, call 800-345-2829 or email [email protected].

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