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IPAF Wins Court Injunction Against Breach of Copyright

May 9, 2019
IPAF has won an injunction against a former member company that attempted to copy its accredited training program and pretend it was its own.

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) has won an injunction against a former member firm that had attempted to copy its accredited training program and pass it off as its own.
     The injunction was awarded against Capital Equipment Services Ltd (CESL) of Chennai, India, which had sought to copy and distribute IPAF’s training materials as its own Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) operator course.
     CESL and Aerial Platform Association of India, registered in Mumbai, which was also named in the injunction, were ordered by the High Court of Madras to desist from using or dealing with the copied course material.
     “We welcome this injunction, which protects the hard work and co-operation of IPAF members around the world,” said Tim Whiteman, CEO and managing director of IPAF. “We are pleased the Indian judicial system found decisively in IPAF’s favor. IPAF training is created and shared in the greater interests of the industry. Our members continue to be involved in improving and developing IPAF training material to ensure our industry stays safe and can rest assured we will rigorously defend any attempt to devalue or steal their hard work, wherever in the world such attempts occur.
       “Use of the IPAF-accredited training program is open to any member that meets the relevant rigorous quality standards; it is available exclusively to members of IPAF, who must observe our code of conduct. The member in this case has since been expelled.”