Late Year Gear

Aug. 1, 2011
Pro-Tech Pro-Tech introduces five new Sno Broom attachments for skid steers and compact tractors. Sno Brooms are designed to minimize the potential for


Pro-Tech introduces five new Sno Broom attachments for skid steers and compact tractors. Sno Brooms are designed to minimize the potential for damaging surfaces and to remove snow against curbs, walls, and other hard-to-reach areas. Skid-steer models are available with 60, 72 and 84-inch broom widths and come with a universal coupler for attaching to equipment with various hydraulic flow ratings. The Sno Brooms can be hydraulically angled 30 degrees left or right. Standard features include storage stands, high-density poly bristles and a 155-degree brush hood.
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Jenny Products

Jenny Products offers the electric-powered J5A-30P single-stage air compressor, which offers an ASME-certified 30-gallon air tank. The unit is designed for running multiple tools simultaneously. The J5A-30P is driven by an industrial-duty, 5-hp electric motor that requires a single-phase, 230-volt power source. It features a four-cylinder “J” pump with a high compression ratio for producing 19.4 cfm at 100 psi or 19 cfm at 125 psi. The unit contains protectively mounted fittings and the belt is completely enclosed by a heavy-duty belt guard.
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General Pipe Cleaners

General Pipe Cleaners completely redesigned its line of Jet-Set water jets to offer more power, portability and ease of use. Water jets clear soft stoppages and ice with a stream of high-pressure water that provides wall-to-wall cleaning action. Models include the JM-1450 compact electric jet and the JM-2512 Typhoon trailer jet. The JM-3080 gas jet (pictured) generates 3,000 psi at 8 gpm to break up tough stoppages and flush them away. It features a removable 300-foot-capacity hose reel to allow the user to use the higher power of the gas machine on remote or indoor applications.
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Graco's line of RentalPro airless paint sprayers is designed and built specifically for rental. Featuring a lightweight, portable design, the electric sprayers enable easy transport with ample power and durability to meet the needs of the rental industry. The RentalPro line consists of two models, both offering a maximum delivery rate of 0.54 gpm, the RentalPro 210 and RentalPro 230 (pictured). The RentalPro 210 weighs 35 pounds and is powered by a ½-hp DC motor. The 65-pound RentalPro 230 features a 5/8-hp DC motor, and both models offer a maximum operating pressure of 3,300 psi.
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The Versa-Cut Turbo bit features a turbo segmented shape that promotes high productivity for completing wet drilling jobs quickly. The bit has a 14-inch drilling depth and is available in a range of diameters from 2 to 8 inches. The Versa-Cut Turbo is a general purpose bit made to cut a wide variety of materials. It facilitates fast and smooth drilling of concrete with or without steel-reinforcing, brick, block and stone materials.
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Duo-Fast Construction

Duo-Fast introduces the DF150-CS Cap Stapler to professional users and the rental market for pneumatic cap fastening applications. Firing staples and plastic button caps in a single operation, Duo-Fast's DF150-CS is designed for installing roofing felt, plastic sheathing and house wrap materials. An in-line magazine keeps the tool compact and balances for consistent, precise drives. The tool has a 240-cap spool system and a 110-staple capacity. Users can switch between three firing modes — bump, sequential and staple-only. When driving both caps and fasteners, the 18-gauge stapler drives 3/8-inch crown staples 1 inch in length. In staple-mode only, the tool is capaple of driving narrow crown staples from ¾ inch to 1 ½ inches in length.Reader Service No.

Allen Engineering

The Allen MP 235 Edging Rider is a total redesign of the MP 225 edging mechanical drive riding trowel. The MP 235 has rotating guard rings that allow the operator to run along edges of walls, and around columns and pipes to achieve a hard-troweled clean finish. The machine allows the operator to edge within 5/16 inches of the edge of the wall, eliminating the need to hand finish those areas. Standard features include rotating guard rings, manual steering and blade pitch controls, a GX690 air-cooled Honda gasoline engine, and a torque converter clutch system.
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With a bit capacity of up to 6 ¼ inches maximum and a minimum bit size of 5/16 inch, the new Hilti DD 110-W hand-held coring system is designed to complete drilling jobs that can't be done by larger tools. With both wet and dry coring capability in reinforced concrete and masonry, the DD 110-W fits a variety of applications from through holes to anchor holes, and on jobsites with limited access. The DD 110-W weighs 12.8 pounds and is equipped with Hilti's HWC core bits.
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Serious Thermal Products

The new Serious Toaster ground-thawing machine uses patented infrared technology to thaw frozen ground more than three times faster than similar competitive units, its maker says. Designed for underground installations, each Toaster thaws up to 1.6 inches deep per hour in a 2-foot by 10-foot area. Multiple units can be placed together in a series or any other configuration to accommodate larger applications. The Toasters are controlled by a solid-state electronic system, and are fueled by clean-burning propane, making them environmentally friendly. Each unit weighs 345 pounds and fits in standard pickup truck beds.
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Titan Tool

Titan Tool launches its new Speeflo PowrLiner 850 line striper to the rental industry. The PowrLiner 850 is designed for entry-level contractors who need a basic line striper capable of higher spraying pressures for smaller jobs on pavement, grass or turf. The unit features a removable gun for stenciling and general painting needs. It also has a direct link pressure control for adjusting pressure from 200 to 3,000 psi.
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The Transcube XT line of high-capacity diesel fuel tanks is designed as an environmentally friendly solution for fuel handling in a number of specialized applications such as for deployment to remote locations, natural disaster sites and military operations. Standard models include the TCT100 and TCT200, which offer capacities of 2,450 gallons and 5,000 gallons, respectively. Each unit features a cylindrical inner tank that is specially designed to hold diesel during transport.
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