Norco Attachments Acquires Baird, Coupler and Attachment Maker

Norco Attachments Acquires Baird, Coupler and Attachment Maker

Attachments manufacturer Norco Attachments has acquired Baird Inc., maker of wheel loader quick-attach couplers and attachments. Norco has acquired the rights to the engineering, product design and intellectual property of Baird effective March 1, and will continue to market its products under the Baird name.

Norco Attachments will continue to utilize the Baird facility in Stow, Ohio, to manufacture the products that will be on display at ConExpo beginning March 22. James Baird, son of founder Randy Baird, will join Norco’s marketing and support team.

“There wasn’t a better match in the industry,” said Mark Hollister, senior vice president sales and marketing for Norco. “With the Wedgelock I-Lock coupler setting the benchmark for excavator attachments now together with Baird Attachments, the premier manufacturer of attachments for wheel loaders, we are setting a new global standard in the industry for safety and productivity.”

Norco Attachments is based in Brownsville, Texas.

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