Photo by United Rentals
United Rentals Juicebox Mobile Generator 23

United Rentals Adds Low-Emissions Mobile Power Generators to Fleet

April 19, 2023
JuiceBox generators run on propane or natural gas to help customers decrease operations costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

United Rentals Inc., the world’s largest equipment rental company, this week introduced JuiceBox mobile power generators to its equipment rental fleet. The generators can be powered by safe and clean propane or natural gas, providing a low-emissions alternative to diesel machines to charge electric vehicles, tools, and other equipment, advancing worksite electrification strategies.

United Rentals acquired the generators from Evergreen Mobile Power. They feature a much lower operating cost than diesel generators, up to 40 percent. The generators use propane, which produces 17 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions than diesel machines. With a compact footprint of 50-inch length x 50-inch width x 54-inch height, the generators deliver instant power up to 20 kilowatts (kW). They can be linked together to address higher power demands.

The generators are equipped with dual interchangeable and removable electrical panels, making it fast and easy to customize the generators to various power needs. In addition to the environmental benefits, the generators run quieter than traditional generators.

Among the applications for JuiceBox generators are construction worksites; emergency response; entertainment venues including concerts, festivals and sports events; telecommunications and many other markets looking to explore cleaner fuel power.

The generators join low- and zero-emissions rental equipment options including aerial lifts, trucks, vans, compact excavators, e-dumpsters, battery systems and more already in the United Rentals portfolio of environmentally friendly rental equipment.

“Diesel engine emission regulations are driving companies to look for new options they can deploy,” said Dan Gribbell, PHVAC region sales and marketing director, United Rentals. “Adding JuiceBox generators to our fleet provides another way we are helping our customers create lower-emission worksites without compromising safety or productivity. With low operations costs and greenhouse gas emissions, the JuiceBox provides a smarter choice for the environment and a customer’s wallet.”

More information about the company’s environmental management strategy can be found on the Sustainability at United Rentals webpage.