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Aggreko Tier 4 Generators

Aggreko’s Tier 4 Final Generator Fleet Reduces NOx Emissions

Sept. 6, 2022
Compared to traditional generators, these systems achieve a 98-percent reduction in the volume of particulates and a 96-percent reduction in NOx emissions, the company said.

Aggreko, a provider of mobile modular power, temperature control and energy solutions, has announced the launch and immediate availability of its Tier 4 Final-compliant generators, a lower-emission fleet of solutions ranging from 25 kW to 1200 kW. 

The Tier 4 Final generators are designed to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s tightened emissions regulations in the United States and Canada. All units within the fleet incorporate a variety of advanced exhaust treatment processes to remove harmful pollutants. Compared to traditional generators, these systems achieve a 98-percent reduction in the volume of particulates and a 96-percent reduction in nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions, the company said.

The launch of this fleet is the latest step in Aggreko’s mission to provide better options for customers that rely on mobile power solutions to reduce their operational carbon footprint without compromising reliability or negatively impacting budgets. 

All units within the fleet can operate using traditional fuel sources, such as diesel, or run on bio-based liquid fuel, such as hydrotreated vegetable oil. The option of utilizing alternative fuels with the new generators enables customers to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60 percent per gallon of fuel. 

The new generators prioritize efficiency, using advanced load management to minimize fuel consumption. Aggreko’s remote monitoring services also reduce service costs and interruptions associated with in-person service checks, ensuring that businesses can continue to operate efficiently.

Aggreko’s rental model helps companies better manage their balance sheets by avoiding large capital outlays for equipment that may be technologically surpassed in a few years and by including operations and maintenance costs in a flat rental fee, the company said.

“The launch of our new lower-emission Tier 4 Final generators couldn’t come at a more important time for our customers,” said Charley Royce, managing director, North America. “With businesses across all sectors looking to reduce the environmental impact of their operations, our latest innovative power solution allows customers to dramatically cut some of the most damaging emissions – particulate matter and NOxgases – typically produced by on-site power generation. Our engineers have also prioritized making our products as robust and self-reliant as possible, which will increase efficiency and reduce O&M downtime and costs for our customers.”

"Step changes in technology can cause headaches for users, requiring more advanced knowledge and technical capabilities and, in some cases, software to ensure smooth operation,” said Geoff Bland, product manager for power generation and energy storage at Aggreko. “At Aggreko we pride ourselves not only on being at the forefront of technology but also in having the team in place to support it, allowing our customers to meet environmental and regulatory challenges without significant investment in new equipment and training."

For more information about Aggreko’s Tier 4 Final fleet options, visit this link.