Subaru’s SGX Generators Assume Power

March 9, 2011
Subaru’s new line of SGX generators are engineered with durable construction, Subaru EX overhead cam engines, and are available in three models

Subaru introduces its new line of SGX commercial generators with technologically advanced Subaru EX overhead cam engines. The new generators, available in three models — SGX3500, SGX5000 and SGX7500E (pictured) — are designed with high-quality features and durable construction for use by homeowners and professional contractors.

Delivering a maximum output of 3,500 watts, the SGX3500 utilizes Subaru's EX21 7-hp engine. It has a 4-gallon fuel tank and provides an 8-hour continuous run time at the rated load. The SGX 5000 features the 9.5-hp EX30 engine and offers a maximum output of 4,900 watts. Its 7-gallon fuel tank provides a continuous run time of 9.4 hours at the rated load. The 14-hp EX40 engine powers the SGX7500E, which provides a maximum output of 7,300 watts and a continuous run time of 7 hours at the rated load and a fuel tank capacity of 8 gallons. Additionally, the SGX7500E model includes an electric starting system with recoil backup.

“The new SGX Series generators are perfect for the rental industry, as they come with the features rental center operators and customers want, all standard,” says Pam Meyer, equipment sales manager at Subaru. “The units are offered with GFCI receptacles, an hour meter to keep track of rental hours and maintenance, and Subaru's industry leading 3-year limited warranty — and all at a price that equals quick ROI.”

Constructed of heavy-duty steel and equipped with steel fuel tanks, the SGX units also include high-performance copper windings with maximum surge capacity. The new generator line offers OSHA-compliant ground fault circuit interrupter receptacles, and twist lock receptacles are also included for enhanced safety.

An automatic voltage regulator system to provide precise voltage control output is standard on all models. Other standard features include a low-tone muffler, low-oil-level sensor with automatic shutoff and a wheel kit for enhanced portability.

Verified by Pam Meyer, equipment sales manager at Subaru.
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Vital Stats

Maximum output range: 3,500-7,300 watts

Engines: 7-14 hp

Runtime: 7-9.4 hours