Generators/Welders Product Spotlight

Aug. 1, 2007
GENERATORS / WELDERS Terex The Terex T120C Super Quiet Generator comes with a prime output rating of 119 kVA at 95 kW. Generator output is monitored by



The Terex T120C Super Quiet Generator comes with a prime output rating of 119 kVA at 95 kW. Generator output is monitored by an overcurrent relay, which works with a shunt trip breaker system to protect the unit. A 3-position voltage selector switch allows the unit to provide 240- and 480-volt three phase and 240-volt single phase. The T120C comes standard with a Cummins engine with 196-gallon fuel capacity and 31 hours of run time at 75-percent load. A solid-state electronic governor results in stable engine response to load changes. The unit has a 68 dBA rating at 23 feet.
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Godwin Pumps

Available in sizes from 20 kW to 350 kW, Godwin Power diesel-powered portable generators feature a programmable microprocessor control panel with remote starting; and automatic warning and shutdown capabilities to monitor, protect and control engine and generator operations. A voltage selector switch allows single-phase or various three-phase settings. The switch incorporates a padlock for safety.
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Honda Power Equipment

The Honda I-Pro series industrial generator offers 6500 watts of portable inverter power. The series is the first to use Honda's proprietary I-Monitor technology, which provides information for hours of operation, wattage and engine speed; as well as diagnostics for convenient servicing. The EB7000i offers full GFCI protection for regulated jobsites, 120/240-volt selector switch, two-wheel transport kit, hanger kit and folding handles.
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Miller Electric

Miller Electric now offers its Miller Pro 300 welding generator with an optional stainless-steel case to provide maximum protection of the unit's motor and generator from harsh weather conditions and corrosive environments. Capable of stick, MIG, flux cored, DC TIG and air carbon arc with a welding output range between 20 and 410 amps, the Pro 300 is designed to offer premium arc performance and provide 12,000 watts of peak generator power while welding.
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The DA7000SSWW diesel-powered generator by Multiquip delivers a maximum of 7,000 watts and 6,000 continuous watts of ultimate power. It is designed with a compact, sound-attenuated package with full instrumentation, including an hour meter and warning lights for oil, water and battery. Its quiet operation is 65.7 dBA at 23 feet. It features a brushless alternator design, and it is powered by a 13.9-hp water-cooled Kubota diesel engine.
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Triton Power

The new heavy-duty mobile power module generators for large-scale backup energy needs are available from 800 kW to 2,000 kW, are designed for electrical contractors or equipment rental businesses whose clients need additional power as a result of temporary maintenance or operational growth and expansion. Encased in a new, durable high cube container, the power module is engineered with sound-attenuated interior insulation with stainless trim. Mounted mufflers with installed custom heat blankets lines the module and an internal updraft radiator discharge scoop releases air through the top for quieter operation.
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Subaru Industrial Engines

Subaru Industrial Engines presents its line of conventional generators, constructed to handle the tough, rugged demands of contractors, homeowners and recreational users while meeting environmental standards. The RGX2900, RGX3600, RGX4800 and RGX4800E models use Subaru EX series overhead cam engines, with maximum outputs ranging between 2,900 and 4,800 watts. The RGV6100, RGV6100E, RGV7500, RGV7500E, RGV12100 and RGV13100T (pictured) use Subaru EH series overhead-valve engines. Maximum outputs for the RGV line range from 5,800 to 13,000 watts.
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Ingersoll Rand

The PowerSource mobile generator line includes six models — the G10-G125 — ranging from 10 kVA to 125 kVA. Ingersoll Rand reduced the footprint on the PowerSource line by up to 30 percent from some previous models. The line is also lighter than its predecessors, making them easier to move around the jobsite. PowerSource generators are also designed for low noise applications. In addition, the line features environmental skidbases that provide a minimum 110-percent containment of all generator fluids.
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Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric's Ranger family of engine-driven welders now offer one to five more horsepower on most engines, depending on the model, for higher power ratings and more reserve engine power for welding. Featuring 200 to 300 amps of welding and 9,000 to 11,000 watts of AC generator power capabilities, the Rangers are designed to deliver a high-output, smooth arc for a variety of welding processes, including stick, TIG, MIG, flux-cored and pipe welding, as well as arc gouging.
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Wacker Corp.

Wacker introduces a new series of commercial-grade portable generators. The new GV portable generator series is built with the value conscious contractor or do-it-yourselfer in mind. Powered by Honda OHV engines with low oil shutdown and one-pull start for reliable performance, the four new models are available with a maximum output range from 2,500 to 6,600 watts. An automatic engine idle control reduces engine wear, noise and fuel consumption. The generators also feature a maintenance-free alternator with separate excitation winding and AVR for superior voltage regulation, the company says.
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The WC12000HE portable generator from Winco is powered by a Honda 20-hp engine with electric start and low oil protection, with a continuous output of 10.8 kW and 12 kW surge. The Conserv-R automatic idle control is designed to reduce fuel consumption and engine wear. The 15-gallon fuel tank allows for 9 hours run time at full load, or 15 hours at half load, allowing a crew to work an entire day without refueling. The control panel includes multiple receptacles with circuit breakers and an hour meter to keep track of service intervals and rental hours.
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Mi-T-M's 12,000-watt generator is built with a Honda OHV engine that features a low-tone muffler to reduce the noise level and easy-access to the protected control panel. Standard features include a lifting hook, wheel kit, volt meter, hour meter, idle control and electric start for the engine.
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Shindaiwa Inc.

Shindaiwa Construction Products announces a new, patented breakthrough in mobile power generation technology that allows the simultaneous use of dual voltage single-phase and three-phase current. The new SimulPhase Technology allows users to have 120- and 240-volt power for lights, air conditioners and electric tools, and at the same time supply three-phase 240/480-volt power for motors driving, compressors and pumps. It will first be introduced on the new kWiet Power model DGK25C, a 20kW mobile generator powered by a quiet Isuzu diesel engine. Shindaiwa plans to incorporate its SimulPhase Technology into its entire kWiet Power lineup from 20kW to 120 kW.
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Magnum Products

The new MMG 25 is a three-phase, 25 kVA mobile generator that features three-position voltage selection and a 4-cylinder Isuzu diesel engine. It offers quiet operation at 66 dBA with a minimum 24-hour run time. The front and back hoods flip open for fast, easy access.
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The KDE5000TA diesel generator features a maximum output of 5.0 kVA. The low noise design of its enclosure and the addition of an intake silencer and resonator make the unit one of the quietest portable diesel generators on the market, the company says. The KDE5000TA has a digital control panel that enables the operator to view generator performance, load characteristics, voltage, power, frequency, generator total run time and battery charge voltage. In the case of an unexpected shutdown, the front panel will display a code that informs the operator of the nature of the fault, such as low oil pressure, under/over voltage, under/over frequency, current overload or battery charge failure.
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