Pumps - March 2009

March 1, 2009
Thompson Pump The 6V 6-inch, vacuum-assisted solids handling pump from Thompson Pump has a 3-inch solids handling capacity and is versatile enough to

Thompson Pump

The 6V 6-inch, vacuum-assisted solids handling pump from Thompson Pump has a 3-inch solids handling capacity and is versatile enough to handle sewage bypass pumping and general construction dewatering. The 6V is capable of flows up to 1,500 gpm and heads up to 102 feet. The unit contains a cooling system that allows the pump to run completely dry without damage. The system is designed to eliminate the need for a waste hose and the pup housing does not have to fill with water to obtain original prime at start-up.
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Tsurumi Pump

Tsurumi Pump introduces the LB-1500 from its slim-line dewatering series. Designed to fit in an 8-inch pipe or caisson the LB-1500 will pump a maximum of 70 feet high and 110 gpm. The LB-1500 is designed with double inside mechanical seals with silicone carbide seal faces running in an oil-filled chamber. The high chrome impeller and synthetic rubber pump casing provide for maximum wear resistance in tough applications. Tsurumi's circle thermal motor protector protects against over amperage and run-dry situations. The LB-1500 is available in 110-volt and 220-volt single-phase power and 220-volt and 440-volt three-phase power.
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Subaru's diesel trash pumps combine aheavy-duty Hatz diesel engine and durable construction to move high volumes of trash water without clogging the pump. The PTD310T (pictured) features a 3-inch discharge port and a maximum capacity of 317 gpm. It is powered by the 6.8-hp air-cooled four-cycle Hatz 1B30 diesel engine. The larger PTD410T uses the 9.9-hp Hatz 1B40. It has a 449-gpm maximum capacity and a 4-inch discharge port. Both models in the diesel line are self-priming and come standard with an engine toolkit, two-piece hose coupling and three-piece hose band. A low-oil shutdown system prevents the pump from running should lubrication levels drop, and a spark arrestor lessons noise and the chance of igniting combustibles. Both models come with a recoil starter.
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Rain For Rent

The XH 100 4-inch pump from Rain for Rent is designed to produce extra-high discharge heads for mining and dewatering projects. Engineered for fuel efficiency, this pump is able to move more gallons of water at a lower cost. It can be made of 316 stainless steel or Chromium steel for mining applications. The XH 100 can handle solids up to 7/8 inches in diameter, flows up to 1,250 gpm and head up to 605 feet.
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The Prime Aire pumps from Gorman-Rupp use a venturi and a compressor to eliminate the leaks associated with traditional vacuum-assisted pumps. The system reduces environmental concerns on sewage bypass operations and other environmentally hazardous liquids, but it also enables the pumps to operate under flooded suction conditions without leaking. The positive priming of the Prime Aire is well suited for applications involving long suction lines, intermittent flows or large volumes of air in the liquid being pumped. In addition, dry run capability is designed into the Prime Aire system.
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Godwin Pumps

Godwin Pumps introduces its portable, gasoline-powered Wet-Prime pumps to complement its lines of SubPrime electric submersible pumps, generators and light towers. Available in dewatering, trash, plastic, pressure and diaphragm models, Godwin Wet-Prime pumps are capable of maximum heads to 285 feet and maximum flows to 425 gpm. The pumps are designed for applications such as construction dewatering, landscaping and irrigation, farming, remote firefighting and marine construction.
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The QP2H centrifugal pump is the newest version of the Multiquip 2-inch pumps, which replace the QP204 series. The QP2H is designed to offer better performance with more flow and head. This model has the capacity of 158 gpm with a maximum head of 115 feet and is powered by either a Honda GX or Robin EX engine. The QP2H is designed with 1-inch-diameter fill and drain ports with plastic plugs that prevent casing damage. Other standard features include recoil start, cast iron impeller and volute for maximum life.
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Jenny Products

Jenny Products introduces modifications to the design of its K pump. The single-stage compressor pump features new easy-access unloader pins, which reduce downtime. A new patent-pending crankcase breather system in the K Pump features a replaceable filter, allowing for the assembly to be cleaned rather than completely replaced. A new airfoil blade design on the wheel improves airflow across the pump for efficient cooling.
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Magnum Products

The MCP7662T contractor trash pump is designed to provide the convenience of 6-inch fittings for suction and discharge, simple startup and control functions, and 1,300 gpm. It offers a Yanmar 3TNV88 diesel, liquid-cooled 49-hp engine; a 6-inch inlet/discharge; and maximum solids capacity of 3 inches.
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Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson adds the new PSR1 500 single-phase model to its electric submersible pump line, which is designed to pump water to extremely low levels. The PSR1 500 features a top discharge design for efficient motor cooling at continuous duty, low water level pumping. The PSR1 500 residue pump draws water down as low as .04 inches. Suited for use on flat concrete, such as in basements and factory floors, this 26-pound pump offers a maximum discharge head of 40 feet, maximum flow rate of 45 gpm with solids handling up to ¼ inch. Once primed, the PSR1 500 can be moved from location to location without losing its prime water thanks to a built-in check valve system, allowing it to start pumping in less than ¼ inch of water.
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