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Feb. 1, 2012
Chicago Pneumatic The Chicago Pneumatic CP 0003 and CP 0004 backfill tampers are designed to compact soil around existing infrastructure, such as foundations,

Chicago Pneumatic

The Chicago Pneumatic CP 0003 and CP 0004 backfill tampers are designed to compact soil around existing infrastructure, such as foundations, and to compact backfill in trenches. The CP 0003 weighs 30 pounds, has a length of 4.3 feet and air consumption of 133 gpm. The CP 0004 weighs 42 pounds and air consumption of 206 gpm. The butts on both tampers are secured to the lower end of the piston rod. Models with an aluminum butt are held with a clamp screw for quick, easy replacement. A valve in the back head of the assembly controls the reciprocating movement of the piston while the hand valve controls the airflow. Both backfill tamper models can be easily operated by one person and are suited for use by trenching companies, general contractors, municipalities, cable layers, utilities and more.
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General Equipment Co.

The MDF35 long-reach air tool from General Equipment Co. is designed for a variety of applications including floor tile removal, mastics, adhesives and general concrete, and stripping material buildups. The MDF35 uses an internal valving mechanism that allows the piston to deliver increased kinetic energy per blow over competitive products, the maker says. Weighing 18.5 pounds and equipped with a 60-inch whip hose, the MDF35 requires a flow rate of 11 cfm at 90 psi and produces 3,100 bpm. The tool offers an ergonomically designed throttle valve with protective enclosure and a heavy-duty tool-changing device intended to minimize the harmful effects of concrete dust and dire accumulation.
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CS Unitec

CS Unitec's Model 2 1328 0050 SA pneumatic core drill is designed for drilling up to 12-inch-diameter holes in concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt and natural stone. This core drill has a 3.8-hp high-torque motor and a rugged three-speed gearbox with drilling speeds of 300, 700 or 1,350 rpm. This unit has an air consumption of 123 cfm at 90 psi. Model 2 1328 0050 SA features soft start and overload protection and has a mechanical slip clutch to protect it in case of jamming. The 43-inch-tall anchor stand features a Quick Lock Motor Mount, positive locking knob and wheels. It also includes a screw jack for bracing. The hand crank, with an adjustable angle of up to 45 degrees, can be mounted on either side of the drill stand.
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Using rapid hammering action and multiple accessories, EDCO chisel scalers quickly remove tile, grout, fiberglass, roofing shingles, linoleum and other coverings. The chisel scalers are designed to eliminate the need for working on hands and knees when floor stripping. In addition, the tools are productive, easy-to-operate and safe. To maintain the tool, simply lubricate the unit before every rental and monitor the air-sealing rings.
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Kaeser Compressors

Kaeser offers its M64 Mobilair portable air compressor, which is suited for outdoor use in applications such as sand blasting, pavement breaking and general air tool use. Featuring a Sigma Profile rotary screw air end that produces more air with less horsepower, the M64 provides 225 cfm at 100 psig. Units include a large fuel tank and easy-to-read control panel with a push-to-load switch. The proprietary anti-frost thermostatic control valve avoids tool freeze-ups, while the high-efficiency cooling system allows for operation in ambient temperatures up to 120F.
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MMD Equipment

The PDS185S-6C2 portable Airman compressor is equipped with a Yanmar 49-hp engine and is interim Tier-4 and CARB compliant. The engine idles as low as 1,300 rpm to increase fuel efficiency and reduce component wear. Features include low-fuel shut down, an easy-to-read fuel gauge and an analog air-pressure gauge. Dual air cleaners provide better dust protection for the air end.
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The Sullair 375H AF portable air compressor is designed to provide the dry, clean air necessary for media blasting and painting, or protective coating applications. Available with a choice of either Caterpillar or John Deere 4-cylinder diesel engines, both of which are Tier-3 emission compliant, the Sullair 375H AF delivers 375 cfm at 150 psig. The unit includes a high-capacity, low-approach aftercooler; moisture separator with water/condensate trap; and a high-efficiency contaminant-removal system.
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Sullivan-Palatek's D185P3 portable air compressor is compact, lightweight and engineered with the same components used for years in other Sullivan-Palatek compressor models. Large gull-wing doors provide easy service access. Stop, turn and tail lights are standard equipment along with heavy-duty safety chains and either ball- or lunette eye-type hitch. The D185P3 carries Sullivan-Palatek's standard three-year, unlimited-hour warranty on the compressor unit.
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