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Aggreko Delivers 43MW of Combined Heat and Power in Romania, Doubling Power Plant’s Efficiency

April 18, 2021
Aggreko, the leading global supplier of mobile and modular power, temperature control and energy services, has installed a new Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solution at the CET Arad Power Plant, Romania.

Aggreko, the leading global supplier of mobile and modular power, temperature control and energy services, has installed a new Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solution at the CET Arad Power Plant, Romania. The solution will help to increase efficiency and stability at the plant, a key provider of hot water and electricity for the district heating scheme and grid at the regional capital Arad City, for the next four years.

Aggreko’s engineers had to contend with the challenges of sustaining the constant power output and demands of the plant while reducing carbon emissions; and simultaneously complying with stringent European Entso-E guidelines on grid compliance. The answer to the challenge was an innovative hybrid thermal and electrical cogeneration system, combining gas generators with batteries to provide important low emission ancillary services.

The complete solution comprised a total of total 43MW of power: 21MW gas generation, with a further 20 MW of thermal energy derived from the plant’s operations, supported by an additional 2MW battery capacity. The system has the potential to cut carbon emissions by up to 45 percent by capturing and using the plant’s exhaust gas and gas engine jacket water to generate further thermal energy.

Aggreko deployed a fully flexible system which allows for all or none of the heat to be recovered, therefore being perfectly suited to meet the required mix of thermal and electrical energy throughout seasonal changes and demand spikes. Energy stability across the site is ensured through the integration of battery units, with 2MW of lithium-ion storage supporting the 14 gas generators. Aggreko and CET’s contract provides flexible terms to cater to the plant’s variable demand, with Aggreko’s rental solution also avoiding the need for CAPEX investment across the four-year contract. The solution works hand in hand with the existing infrastructure and systems of the plant to meet these modern demands and ensure it operates at maximum efficiency.

The project, working to delivery efficiency increases for the plant whilst decreasing CO2 emissions by up to 45 percent, aligns with Aggreko’s wider net-zero aims and work to assist customers in their energy transitions. The company is committed to a 50-percent reduction in fossil diesel fuels and local air quality emissions by 2030, as well as achieving net-zero in its own operations by the same year. By 2050, Aggreko plans to be a net-zero business across all of the services it provides.

The power plant, operated by CET Arad, has been the main source of energy and heat for nearby Arad city for almost 50 years. It was originally built to provide heat and electricity in the 1970s, and has since developed its offer, with a fall in demand for heat meaning it now works primarily to provide electricity for the Ancillary Services market.

The project complies with local regulations whilst delivering cost-effective heat and power at lower emissions, meaning the plant is able to maintain efficiency whilst lowering carbon footprint, and can respond to changes in demand to the nearest millisecond, ensuring the turbines and ancillary grid facilities on the site are always operating at the most efficient level in both the long-and short-term.

 “Across the business, we are seeing increased demand for efficient solutions which work to meet climate and emissions targets, and Aggreko is committed to helping customers navigate this energy transition,” said Nicolas Protais, managing director of Aggreko Rental Solutions. “I am thrilled with the trust that CET ARAD has put in Aggreko to move forward with our innovative solution combining batteries and combined thermal/gas power generators. At Aggreko, we are committed to helping our customers adapt to the energy transition and this project is an example of the innovative solutions we’re deploying to achieve our net-zero ambitions.”

 “Aggreko’s international reputation and innovative approach made them an easy choice for our project, and their CHP solution enabled us to find the optimal balance between electrical and thermal production for updating our operations, allowing the plant to become more efficient and cost-effective,” said Sorin Daniel Bogosel, general manager of CET Arad Power Plant. “The agreement we reached with Aggreko will provide high quality installations and products at the plant, allowing us to provide heating to the Arad city district, but also expand to serve the wider Romanian and European energy markets.” 

This project is one of a number of CHP solutions Aggreko has provided to clients to support a diverse range of requirements, including thermal power plants, mining operations, pharmaceutical companies and manufacturing production lines. Aggreko can deliver CHP solutions for both short duration projects as well as providing longer term support as part of its flexible, modular offer.

CHP offers a combined heat and power generation solution that supports ambitions to reduce carbon emissions and improve efficiency without compromising on reliability. To find out more about Aggreko’s work in this area, visit its dedicated CHP webpage here: