RER Spotlights Demolition hammers & tools


Makita introduces its new 20-pound HM1203C demolition hammer, which is engineered with more power, more impact energy and less weight than the previous model. The new HM1203C is powered by a 14-amp Makita-built motor with 18.8 foot-pounds per 25.5 joules of impact energy and 950 to 1,900 bpm. At 15.5 m/s2 vibration, the HM1203C is engineered to deliver more power to the work surface for more efficient work. The demolition hammer weighs 20.3 pounds and is suited to both vertical and horizontal applications.
Reader Service No. 141 •


Designed for heavy breaking applications and demolition work at floor level, Hilti introduces its newest electro pneumatic tool, the new TE 3000-AVR breaker. Weighing 65 pounds, the TE 3000-AVR delivers 50 foot-pounds of impact energy to break up to six tons of material per hour. For maximum versatility, the TE 3000-AVR accepts standard 1 1/8-inch chisels — same as air-powered tools. In addition, the TE 3000-AVR incorporates Hilti's active vibration reduction solutions, which are designed to dramatically cut the vibration passed along to the operator during operating, reducing fatigue. An active cooling system reduces wear and tear on the motor, electronics and hammering mechanism.
Reader Service No. 142 •


The new Brute breaker hammer BH2760VC provides up to 60-percent more impact energy than the 11304 Brute it replaces, while reducing vibration levels by up to 50 percent. The new BH2760VC weighs 65 pounds and delivers 49.5 foot-pounds of impact energy. The Bosch Brute comes with Active Vibration Control technology and a longer air cushion, which is designed to substantially reduce vibration levels at the source. The unit also offers shock-absorbing handles for operator comfort.
Reader Service No. 143 •


The DXR 140 remote-controlled demolition robot from Husqvarna Construction Products is available with a 14.75-hp or 20.12-hp motor that allows the operator to utilize up to 100 percent of the breaker's force. The power output and small design allow it to work in restricted spaces where the substrate requires a lightweight machine that is powerful enough to finish the job. With a reach up to 12 feet, including breaker, the DXR 140 is designed to handle a variety of jobs. The arm system can be rotated 360 degrees, without restrictions. The Bluetooth remote-control is easy to use with a clear, plain text display showing when it's time for various servicing jobs.
Reader Service No. 144 •

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