Cummins Opens Global Logistics Hub in Singapore

Cummins Opens Global Logistics Hub in Singapore

Cummins opened its Global Logistics Hub in Singapore, one of the company’s eight master distribution centers for parts and filters globally. The Singapore Global Logistics Hub features a total investment of $5.4 million and is part of Cummins’ efforts to enhance its aftermarket product delivery globally. The hub will serve markets including the United States, Europe, China, India as well as customers across the Northeast and Southeast Asia regions.

The Singapore Global Logistics Hub is a consolidation of operations from three distribution centers in Singapore.

The Singapore Global Logistics Hub has a three-tier mezzanine storage system with in-rack sprinklers to strengthen fire protection, a vehicle-restraint system and material-handling equipment with cameras and motion sensors for added operations safety. The warehouse system uses barcode technology in a radio frequency environment to control and optimize material flow. With an increase in the facility’s height and introduction of a smart-slotting strategy, space utilization is boosted by 30 percent.

Cummins expects a 20-percent boost in productivity, faster order fulfillment time and operation cost savings in the new facility.

“The establishment of the Cummins Global Logistics Hub in Singapore is a reinforcement of our global master distribution hub strategy and a reflection of our commitment to customers,” said Doug Sunkel, executive director of Cummins Global Logistics. “There are currently eight master distribution hubs in the world – Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, India, Belgium, China and two in the United States – supporting our international network and customers’ businesses that span over 190 countries and territories. Singapore is a world-class global logistics hub with a strong advantage of being at the heart of Southeast Asia and sitting right across the major shipping lanes.”

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