Pipe wraps

Pipe wraps

Powerblanket’s new heated Pipe Wraps are designed to fit nearly any size pipe and feature GreenHeat Technology — a heat-spreading system that uses aerospace heating designs to deliver a highly efficient and uniform distribution of heat while consuming only low levels of energy. The new Pipe Wraps provide an environmentally friendly heating solution for freeze protection and rapid thawing of pipelines in oilfields, water treatment plants, paper mills, mining operations and other industrial applications. They can be used to heat pipes, manifolds, pumps, hoses and other temperature-sensitive equipment.

“The blanket will thaw frozen pipes faster than traditional methods; then, it will continue to prevent freezing,” says Tom Roe, vice president of sales for Powerblanket. “This low-maintenance process could allow for rental agreements in excess of several months per year. Because it is seasonal, higher realization rates would apply so renters would not have to purchase and store until the following year. Traditional pipe thawing often involves a person, a blow torch and lots of time.”

Powerblanket’s all-in-one product design substantially reduces installation time, eliminates the need for multiple product procurement, and reduces labor costs, the company says. The new Pipe Wraps are available in sizes ranging from 2.5 centimeters to 2 meters in diameter to accommodate a variety of pipe sizes, and are equipped with adjustable straps that ensure a secure fit to maximize heating performance.

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