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United Rentals39 Corporate Responsibility Report is organized around the company39s eight core values and is of interest to its investors customers employees and business partners Photo by United Rentals
United Rentals' Corporate Responsibility Report is organized around the company's eight core values and is of interest to its investors, customers, employees and business partners.

United Rentals Releases Corporate Responsibility Report

United Rentals, the world’s largest equipment rental company, has released its Corporate Responsibility Report for 2017. The report documents the company’s progress related to social responsibility, diversity, ethics, occupational health and safety, environmental stewardship and corporate governance.

Organized around United Rentals’ eight core values, the report contains information of interest to the company’s customers, investors, employees and business partners. The data is presented in alignment with the Global Reporting Initiative G4 Guidelines.

“Each year, our Corporate Responsibility Report offers tangible evidence of our values put into practice,” said Michael Kneeland, CEO of United Rentals. “We’re proud of the progress we’re making by continuously improving our organization. The achievements detailed in our 2017 report matter a great deal to us as a company and as individuals.”

The report is available for download at under Company/About Us.

Based in Stamford, Conn., United Rentals has 1189 rental locations in North America and 11 in Europe. United Rentals is No. 1 on the RER 100.


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