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Omni-ID Designs RFID Tags for Tracking Rental Assets

Omni-ID, original inventor, patent holder and supplier of high-performance, on-metal passive UHF RFID tags, has launched a group of products designed specifically for attaching to, or embedding into, tools and equipment to enable inventory tracking, location monitoring, foreign-object detention and maintenance tracking in a variety of environments. Omni-ID’s products are currently being used by the United Kingdom’s largest equipment rental company, Speedy Services.

“We were searching for a way to provide full 24/7 access to rental tools and equipment that we typically manually deliver and distribute onsite to our customers,” said Glyn Matthews, senior product manager, Speedy Services. “We tested a variety of RFID solutions, but only Omni-ID tags provided the variety of sizes along with consistent performance and reliability we needed for our new onsite, self-service ‘pod.’ Workers enter the pod, and they automatically check in/out the necessary tools via RFID. It’s all tracked and accounted for, it’s that simple.”

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