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From The Editor

This week we are including some interesting analysis on the 2007 economy provided by Ken Simonson, chief economist for the Association of General Contractors. Simonson takes a look at the prospects for various types of construction for 2007. I’ve been following Simonson’s reports for a while and have found his insight to be excellent. Scroll down to Trends & Analysis and check out Simonson’s views.

This week also brings an interesting Q&A with Ron DeFeo, CEO of Terex, on a variety of topics, and for those who might have missed last week’s interview with Dan Kaplan, it’s still available. Scroll down and check it out.

For those of our readers attending this week’s World of Concrete show and viewing RER Reports on your laptop with little time to read, don’t forget that you can always log in to RER Reports at

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