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Subaru RGX Generators Built Rental Tough

Subaru's RGX mid-range industrial generators feature top-of-the-line components, including overhead cam EX Series engines, and are designed to handle the needs of both large and small professional contractors, industrial users and rental centers.

The RGX6500 is powered by Subaru's 12-hp EX35 engine and delivers a maximum output of 6,500 watts. Featuring a 7.3-gallon capacity fuel tank, the unit offers 10.3 hours of continuous operation at the rated load. The RGX7500 (pictured) is powered by Subaru's EX40 14-hp engine, which delivers a maximum output of 7,500 watts. The unit offers a 7.3-gallon capacity fuel tank and 7.4 hours of continuous run time at the rated load.

“The RGX generators are our top-of-the-line offering, so they're built for the most demanding environments — and we all know there aren't many environments more demanding than rental centers,” says Pam Meyer, Subaru Industrial Power Products equipment sales manager. “In addition to features such as Subaru engines, hour meters for maintenance tracking and automatic idle control, these two units in particular are among our most popular for rental centers because of their size. Their wattage outputs are ideal for contractors with larger, motor-driven equipment, so they're very appealing to that audience.”

Standard on all models, an automatic voltage regulator system provides precise, steady voltage control output with less fluctuation. Using sophisticated electronics, the system continuously monitors voltage output to ensure steady power flow, which is necessary for powering more sensitive electronic equipment.

Durable electric components feature copper windings with high-temperature insulation. Solenoid-actuated AC circuit breakers provide reliable overload protection, and GFCI receptacles help ensure operator safety.

Verified by Pam Meyer, equipment sales manager, Subaru Industrial Power Products.
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Vital Stats

Run-time at rated load: 10.3 hours, RGX6500 and 7.4 hours, RGX7500

Maximum output: 6,500 or 7,500 watts respectively

Warranty: 3-year limited

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