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Product of the Week - Site Drainer submersible utility pumps

Product of the Week - Site Drainer submersible utility pumps

Site Drainer's submersible utility pumps are recommended for use in areas where water accumulates and contains debris that will clog a pump. The pump is designed for emergency basement, window well, construction site drainage, emergency flood water drainage, sludge de-watering, flooded basements, pool and spa, and general dewatering. This product, due to its unique design, can work in virtually any environment.

The units feature pumping capacities from 3,700 GPM to 7,260 GPM, depending on model.

Motors incorporate a circle thermal protector which protects against overheating and dry run. An air-filled motor, housed in a watertight casing, conforms to class F insulation.

316 stainless steel fine mesh screen with 0.25 in. openings prevent rocks, rope and other debris from clogging pump impeller, yielding trouble-free, long-lasting operation

A tethered float switch allows auto on/off operation

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