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Product of the Week – Kohler Towable Generators 20- 500 kW

Product of the Week – Kohler Towable Generators 20- 500 kW

Kohler Power Systems offers a full line of towable generators — ranging from 20 kW to 500 kW — that serve a variety of applications where mobility and flexibility are crucial. The line includes 20-, 40-, 60-, 100-, 125-, 150-, 200- and 500-kW sizes. The models meet all necessary emission requirements and are engineered with sophisticated enclosures designed to keep sound levels down to 64 dBA on the smaller models, and to 75 dBA on the larger models. They are all built to withstand the elements and run for long hours in both standby and prime applications. A double-wall fuel tank provides for complete containment of oil, coolant and fuel.

Standard features include a battery-disconnect switch, two-stage air filter and water/fuel separator. The Kohler DEC1000 and DEC4000 controls used on these models provide monitoring functionality in an easy-to-read LED screen, visible to the outside via a door-side window. The distribution panel features multiple sockets with individual circuit breakers per receptacle, and selector switch with camlock or buss-bar reconnectability and locking access and strain relief. Designed with larger and lockable doors, the Kohler towable design also provides easy access to the generator when necessary.

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