Honda generates clean power in a portable package

Honda introduces the EU6500is portable generator, which delivers fuel efficiency, clean power output and quiet operation in a portable package. Because of its large power output, improved fuel efficiency and quiet operation, it is suited to provide home back-up power during a blackout or other power emergency.

“Perhaps the most basic, yet important features of interest to consumers who are renting a generator are the amount and the quality of power produced by the unit,” says Kristen Delaney, manager of marketing and product planning for Honda Power Equipment. “The EU6500is offers 6,500 watts of enhanced commercial-grade electricity with a wave form distortion factor of less than 2.5 percent. This translates into a generous amount of clean, usable power, and is ideal for powering appliances and sensitive electronic equipment.”

The EU6500is has a dry weight of 253 pounds, which is a reduction in footprint for a unit producing a high power output. The power behind the generator is the Honda GX390 engine, which provides clean, 4-cycle power to the unit along with an overhead valve system. Eco-Throttle technology and a high-efficiency inverter design allow for low fuel consumption, reducing fuel consumption by 30 percent at ¼ load compared with previous models.

Verified by Kristen Delaney, manager of marketing and product development for Honda Power Equipment
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Maximum output: 6,500 watts

Dry weight: 253 pounds

Noise level: 60 dB(A)

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