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Generator GFCI System Protects Operators

Wacker's new line of premium portable generators includes seven models ranging from 3,800 to 6,600 watts and is designed for dependable power. The models now feature a central ground fault circuit interrupter system for all receptacles including 120-volt and 240-volt twistlocks, offering full system and personal protection to operators.

“The important difference with the Wacker GFCI system is that unlike most generators that offer this personal protection on only the 120-volt outlets, it covers the 240-volt outlets as well,” says Marc Leupi, pump, power and light product manager for Wacker.

The GFCI sensor offers personal protection to operators no matter which receptacle is being used by monitoring all outlets for current leakage and tripping the main circuit breaker in the event of a current leakage. The system improves durability and reliability because the sensor only monitors current, eliminating the possibility of damage from over-current. If a current leakage is detected, the GFCI triggers the main circuit breaker, which is rated to handle the total current output of the entire generator and can withstand current surges and repeated tripping without problem.

“This system is more reliable and less prone to ‘nuisance’ tripping than standard GFCI 120-volt duplex outlets,” Leupi says.

The portable generator models also feature rotating field alternators with automatic voltage regulation and separate excitation winding. Designed for greater motor-starting capacity, the models are able to start larger tools than in the past. The alternators are sized to ensure cool winding temperatures and long life.

Verified by Marc Leupi, pump, power and light product manager for Wacker.
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Models in line: 7
Power: 3,800 to 6,600 watts

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