Acme Lift: Behind the Scene

Nov. 19, 2014
Focusing on ultra-large aerial work platforms and telehandlers, while renting only to rental companies, Acme Lift serves a unique niche.
What do hundreds of rental companies from the top 10 to Caterpillar dealers to small independents have in common? When they need to rent a 150- or 180-foot boomlift, or a large telehandler, they call Acme Lift.
From Alaska to Arizona, Minnesota to Miami and all points in between, the Acme Lift aerials are at work, decaled as though they belong to the company that rented them from Acme. Every one of them is tracked 24/7/365 by an efficient and omnipresent telematics system. And so the rental company with no yard, and fewer than a handful of mechanics and salesmen, has almost 80 percent of a fleet of nearly 600 boomlifts out on rent.
How it does it is the vision of one of the rental industry’s most charismatic owners, Woody Weld, and the hard-working staff of an operations center called “the war room.” 
Acme Lift’s operations are strictly wholesale. It only rents to rental companies, not to the end user. It rents the largest boomlifts and telehandlers, the ones most rental companies generally don’t carry in their inventory but prefer to re-rent on a job-by-job basis. Acme Lift refuses to compromise on its business model – it will not rent to the end user and compete with its rental company customers for jobs. 
Take a look at this behind the scenes photo gallery, and see how Acme Lifts, tracks, transports and runs its business. 
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