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Solve short-term storage needs with a fabric building

Jan. 7, 2019
Discover a new product that equipment rental centers can rent out to their customers
Construction, mining, forestry and agricultural sectors often need extra storage space that is protected from the elements during their projects. Renting a temporary fabric building for a specific period of time is a cost-effective solution for them. It can be used as a storage space or workshop, and it is easy to ship, install and dismantle.

Challenges your customers face and how a fabric building can solve them

Construction industry challenges

On a construction site, a contractor and his/her team need to store and protect building materials along with machinery. Their working stations are often set up outside, forcing the team to work in rainy, snowy or windy conditions. A fabric building can be transformed into a temporary workshop to protect the workers from harsh weather conditions. It can also be used to store all kinds of materials and machinery.

Mining and forestry sector challenges

Mining exploitation or forestry sites tend to be difficult to access. Installing a structure can be tricky since it isn’t possible to build a foundation and space is often limited. A container is impossible to install and ship to these remote locations. But workers still need a protected space to store their machinery and materials. A temporary fabric building can be installed on most surfaces and can be relocated easily. It can also be shipped to sites that are hard to access.

Agricultural sector challenges

Farmers can use extra storage space to store machinery and materials when building a new structure or extending an existing farm structure. This storage space can be very useful for storing extra hay for certain amounts of time, or to store machinery that they rent to work in the field.

With this in mind, MegaDome® Buildings, a manufacturer of steel structures with an expert team of in-house engineers, has created the perfect fabric building adapted to the equipment rental industry: the EzKitTM.

EzKitTM is a fabric building designed for the equipment rental industry

The EzKitTM answers the number one need of your customers, which is to have a storage space protected from the elements. It also answers your needs, with a design that is durable enough to rent our many times without damage. 

Why rent fabric buildings instead of storage containers?

A fabric building is a smart alternative to storage containers for four key reasons:

  1. It offers more space
    One EzKitTM (depending on the model) has the surface storage capacity of up to 13 standard containers of 20’ and has a vertical clearance twice as big.
  2. It offers a bright environment
    The covering lets natural light penetrate easily, allowing its users to benefit from a bright environment that doesn’t require artificial light as they would with a container.
  3. It is easier to rent​
    EzKitTM comes in a kit that is easy to handle, reducing shipping fees for your customers. 
  4. It can be shipped and installed anywhere
    Thanks to its packaging and simple installation system, the building can be installed on sites that are difficult to access. Installation is quick and requires no more than two workers and minimal equipment.

Rent the perfect customized building to your customers

EzKitTM is engineered to meet the unique needs of your customers, while ensuring you always have the perfect product in stock to rent out. You can choose from different structure lengths and options, then mix and match them as needed to offer your customers a product that is customized to them. Just some of the options include one closed end for extra protection, two closed ends with a door for easy access, and natural ventilation that can be added to the structure, all based on your customers’ unique needs.

Discover how the EzKitTM can add value to your product offer

Visit our website where you can find more information on the EzKitTM, more pictures and a downloadable brochure. Contact one of our experts today if you have any questions or would like to discuss your project.

EzKitTM by MegaDome® Buildings
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