Compact Equipment

Jan. 1, 2003
Star Industries This new forkframe features 1 -inch by 2-inch block forks or what some call cubing forks. Designed for handling concrete block they can

Star Industries

This new forkframe features 1 ½-inch by 2-inch block forks or what some call cubing forks. Designed for handling concrete block they can also be used for banded brick, or slide the forks together and use them like any other pallet forks. The forks are shaft mounted in a frame constructed of 3/8-inch thick strap steel for strength and durability. The universal quick-tach fits most current models of skid-steer loaders. It is available with a set of four or six forks.
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Bobcat added the S300 to its vertical lift-path skid-steer loader line. It is designed for handling tough jobs in construction, landscaping, nursery, masonry, concrete, agriculture and other markets that require strength and lifting ability. The S300 has an operating lift capacity of 3,000 pounds, a forward reach of 34 inches and a lift height of 10.5 feet. It offers a 12.5 mph speed in high range with the two-speed option, or 7.2 mph in the work range.
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Three new Case D Series wheel loaders offer a number of features in a compact package suited to a host of work sites from landscaping to industrial material-handling applications. The 21D, 221D and 321D, ranging in engine power from 53 to 71 net horsepower and maximum bucket capacity from 1.0 cubic yards to 1.44 cubic yards. A Z-bar loader linkage delivers high breakout forces from 12,013 to 16,934 pounds for fast cycle times and maximum productivity. A two-speed hydrostatic transmission delivers forward travel speeds up to 12.4 mph.
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JCB introduces the new 190T and 1110T robot skid steer loaders, the first JCB robots to be equipped with high drive rubber track systems. The units have an 80- and 92-hp engine. The 190T and 1110T robots with rubber tracks offer increased operating capacities over the previous 185 and 1105 robots. The 190T skid steer loader has an operating capacity of 1,985 pounds, and the 1110T skid steer loader has a rated operating capacity of 2,250 pounds. Both models have high-drive rubber-track systems that provide increased floatation, reduced ground-bearing pressure, increased lift capacity and stability over rubber tires. Both models are available with 17.7-inch wide rubber tracks.
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Caterpillar introduces the 247 and 257 multi-terrain loaders that feature a new suspended undercarriage that allows the machines to work in a range of applications and terrain conditions. The 247 combines the upper portion of the Cat 226 skid-steer loader with a newly designed rubber-track undercarriage from ASV Inc. It has an operating capacity of 1,354 pounds, an operating weight of 6,665 pounds and 3.8 psi ground pressure. The 257, built from a Cat 242 skid steer loader and the new ASV undercarriage, has an operating capacity of 1,614 pounds, an operating weight of 7,628 pounds and 4.3 psi of ground pressure.
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Snow Wolf

Snow Wolf Ultra Series is a snow plow specifically for the skid steer loader, with blade features and frame construction built to match a skid steer's ability to move heavy snow load. It's available in seven widths from 6 to 9 feet. The Snow Wolf blade is angled to scoop snow rather than push it, then send the snow rolling, moving it off the blade quickly to keep the skid steer in control of heavy snow load. A dual pivot, A-frame construction allows the blade to oscillate, following the contours of uneven ground without scraping.
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John Deere

The 110 Tractor Loader Backhoe is the first product in company history to be developed by all three John Deere divisions. Four years in the making, the 110 TLB is lighter weight and shorter in length, making it more maneuverable and easier to transport than larger construction units. It also has a removable backhoe and a variety of implements and accessories. The 110 TLB has an exclusive eHydro electronic transmission system with built-in Loadmatch feature, which allows travel speed to be automatically adjusted to match load, maintaining tractor peak engine torque and machine performance.
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The All-Wheel-Steer loader from Gehl is available in three conventional-boom and three telescopic-boom models. This compact loader is suited for both indoor and outdoor use. The compact design provides users with up to 10,000 pounds of breakout force and 11,000 pounds of tearout force. It also features hydraulic, four-wheel power steering and drive axles with up to a 40-degree steering angle to each side.
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ASV introduces the RC-50 all surface loader with the RTSS II undercarriage. The machine uses 15-inch wide rubber tracks and 24-wheeled contact points to transfer the weight of the machine to the ground. It has a ground pressure of only 2.7 pounds per square inch, giving it more control for conventional work as well as fine grading plus multiple levels of suspension for greater load control and a smoother ride. The undercarriage facilitates the operation of industry-standard attachments such as dozer blades, backhoes, augers and snowblowers. The track system also allows the RC-50 to tread over sensitive terrain, turf, sod and pavement without doing harm.
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The Polaris ASL 300 is designed with an R-Series Traction and Support System (RTSS) that provides optimal traction by evenly distributing its weight over a larger area. The ASL produces just 2.5 psi making it perfect for work on delicate turf or around sprinkler systems. The ASL 300 is equipped with ROPS/FOPS protection, a lap bar, seat belt, and parking brake. Available attachments are a general-purpose bucket, adjustable pallet forks, a power rake, trencher, flail mower, multi-purpose bucket, power auger, power sod roller, snow blower, land leveler and cable plow.
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