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Tsurumi Rolls Out Social Channels for Latin America Pump Market

April 9, 2023
Tsurumi Pump is announcing the launch of its new social media channels — in Spanish — aimed at the Latin American construction, mining, industrial, wastewater and rental pump markets.

Tsurumi Pump is announcing the launch of its new social media channels — in Spanish — aimed at the Latin American construction, mining, industrial, wastewater and rental pump markets. The pump company is active in at least 20 of the region’s 33 countries, through dedicated partners that have offered service and support to Tsurumi users in the territory for more than three decades.

The new social channels enable the company to speak directly to end customers, distributors and partners in the region. They will provide Tsurumi’s latest news, job site reports, videos, engineering breakthroughs, maintenance and educational resources along with tips and tricks.

In recent years, Tsurumi has steadily expanded its service and support network in Mexico, Central and South America. With the help of its regional partners, the company has provided technical expertise, maintenance and repair through skilled technicians, robust parts inventory and operational support. This has helped pump users choose and utilize equipment that meets optimal performance requirements in a variety of sectors.

“We have over 28 years of expertise with pump installations in industrial and wastewater markets in Mexico,” said engineer Mauricio Mercado, sales director at Grupo C&C de México S.A. de C.V., Tsurumi’s distributor in Mexico. “Tsurumi pumps and process equipment are known for their quality and reliability. We have customers with Tsurumi pumps that have worked dutifully for many years. Along with Tsurumi, we work to make these products more well-known and accessible to our customers throughout Mexico.”

Tsurumi Universe Product Line

Tsurumi’s NH Series pumps, part of the Tsurumi Universe pump lineup, are heavy-duty submersible sewage pumps made of cast iron developed for Latin American countries and directed at the wastewater sector. In addition to the wide range of specifications featuring 50 to 500 mm discharge bore diameters and 0.75 to 150 kW motor output capacities, the NH Series offers a variety of product lineups with three types of impellers: Channel, Cutter and Vortex. The guide rail fitting device is applicable to all models, enabling easy installation and maintenance. Equipped with a channel impeller, the NH and NHB series provide excellent solids matter handling. The NHC Series features cutter pumps built with a combination of a channel impeller and specially structured suction cover, where a tungsten carbide alloy cutting edge is brazed to the impeller vane, thus enabling solid and fibrous matter to be shredded at the suction port while pumping.

The NHU Series provides a semi-vortex structure equipped with a vortex impeller that helps minimize potential troubles caused by the clogging of solid and fibrous matter.

“The NH Series pumps are applicable to a wide spectrum of fields, such as raw water transfer in purifying tanks (Johkasou/septic tanks), wastewater treatment facilities, pumping stations and flood prevention equipment, reservoirs of recreational facilities and drainage of sewage and wastewater,” Saul Valdez, Latin America sales at Tsurumi. “These pumps integrate original technologies that Tsurumi has perfected through years of research and achievements, to note our anti-wicking cable, dual inside mechanical seals with silicon carbide face and Oil Lifter. In addition, with a design that thoroughly considers pump durability and wear resistance, these pumps enable continuous duty for a long period of time.”