Gehl Bends the Market with New Articulated Loaders

Gehl Co. introduces articulated loaders to its product line with the addition of the 140, 340 and 540 models, which offer tipping loads ranging from 1,900 to more than 5,100 pounds (when not articulated) and rated operating capacities from 950 to more than 2,550 pounds. The new loaders are designed to run virtually all universal-type attachments, providing versatility for rental companies and their customers.

“The new Gehl articulated loaders are well suited for rental applications due to their compact, agile, maneuverable and versatile nature,” says Kirk Dilly, product training specialist, Gehl Co. “Operation of these loaders is simple to learn with the use of a steering wheel and multi-function joystick; a benefit to any rental situation.”

Compact sizes from as narrow as 41 inches on the model 140 allow easy access to extremely tight spaces. In addition, the models feature Interim Tier 4-certified Yanmar diesel engines with power ranging from 23 hp on the model 140 to 47 hp on the model 540.

“Gehl articulated loaders have a tight turning radius of 45 degrees and inflict minimal scuffing and disruption of sensitive surface areas such as turf,” says Dilly. “The articulating nature greatly improves tire life over skid loader tires, saving operating costs. This is particularly evident when operating on asphalt or concrete.”

Verified by Kirk Dilly, product training specialist, Gehl Co.

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Vital Stats

Turning angles: 45 degrees in both directions

Oscillation: 10 degrees in both directions

Visibility: 360 degrees

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