Snorkel's Bob Buehler Dies

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. — Bob Buehler, a fixture at Snorkel International since the early 1970s, died recently. Outside of a brief period when he worked for Grove Worldwide, Buehler spent almost his entire career with Snorkel, and was instrumental in the company's restart in 2003. When Snorkel introduced its first 42-foot boom in 1977, Buehler volunteered for sales and demonstrations.

The following is an excerpt from a release from Snorkel: “He truly loved the industry and the friends he made everywhere … Bob was passionate about everything he did at Snorkel, whether it be working with dealers, setting up trade shows, demonstrating units and of course fishing on his beloved Missouri River … During the early years, Bob brought his infant daughter to work and placed her in a blanket-lined filing cabinet and worked the phones … Few in the AWP industry are not familiar with Buehler and his good-natured, always-wanting-to-help ways.”

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