Trailers Product Spotlight, April 2010

April 1, 2010
JLG Industries Triple-L trailers incorporate a Power Deck hydraulic system that allows the operator to raise and lower hydraulically in less than 15 seconds

JLG Industries

Triple-L trailers incorporate a Power Deck hydraulic system that allows the operator to raise and lower hydraulically in less than 15 seconds so loading and unloading a trailer is more efficient. There is no need for ramps, ascending grades or using additional personnel. Standard features include two lockable steel compartments, a quick-adjust tongue jack, heavy-duty tie-down rings and a 12-volt system that powers the hydraulic pump used to lower and raise the deck.
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Felling Trailers

The new FT-40 PUP trailer from Felling Trailers features a tricycle-steer design, which allows the entire front axle to pivot under the frame. The Felling PUP was built with a telescopic scissor hoist, which consists of twin telescopic cylinders mounted within a scissors frame, giving maximum torsional strength to handle uneven loads when raising the container to dump refuse from the rear, saving customers valuable transport and unloading time.
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Landoll Corp. introduces a chain-drive, power-on/power-off system to its Model 330 traveling axle container trailer line. This new option will give the customer a choice between the standard 12,000-pound worm gear winch with ½-inch steel cable, or the 12,000-pound gear box chain-drive system. Landoll's side-by-side chain allows customers to pull on or push off loads like ISO containers, custom storage boxes and light equipment. Included is the container pull chain bridle, the chain connector with a 1/2-inch grab hook and a dozer-style push blade.
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Terex ASV introduces its new PT-30 trailer with attachments. Designed for landscapers or small contractors, the package includes five different attachments set on a custom-built trailer with a Terex ASV PT-30 compact track loader. The standard package includes a dirt bucket, pallet forks, land plane, trencher and auger drive with 9-inch, 18-inch and 24-inch bits. The 74-inch-wide, 14-foot-long trailer can haul up to 9,980 pounds. The PT-30, with its patented Posi-Track undercarriage technology, has very low ground pressure so it can work with minimal impact on finished lawns and landscaping, or wherever fragile underground systems must be protected.
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Designed to attach to open or enclosed trailers, Trimmer Trap products help eliminate theft and damage of rental equipment during delivery. Trimmer Trap products include trimmer and backpack blower racks, hand tool racks, hedge trimmer racks, rubber clamps for storage, cable locking kits, trailer hitches, tire cage kits and more.
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Advance Metalworking Co.

The updated Lo Riser Trailer features a 74-inch by 16-foot carrying platform that can be hydraulically lowered to ground height. The built-in ramp allows smooth, drive-on access without any crown point for quick loading and unloading of cargo or equipment. When lowered, the trailer allows a minimum 4-degree angle suitable for low ground clearance or reduced gradeability vehicles. The Lo Riser trailer has a maximum payload capacity of 14,000 pounds.
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Featherlite Trailers

The new Model 1520 dump trailer from Featherlite Trailers is a utility trailer designed for landscapers, contractors and farmers. Its 24-inch-deep box can haul materials from gravel to metal scraps to wood chips. For easy unloading, the box raises and lowers on a hydraulic cylinder. The dual action rear gate can be lowered for more cargo space or unhitched at the bottom for easier dumping.
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Haulotte Group

Haulotte Group offers its line of Escalate trailers that feature a drop-deck design for maximum safety and ease of loading and unloading. The ET 7000 is designed to handle payloads of up to 7,000 pounds. It features a bed width of 6 feet, 2 inches and a length of 12 feet. With a ramp grade of only 6 degrees, equipment with low ground clearance can be driven on and off the trailer with ease.
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