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Dec. 1, 2003
Dewalt Dewalt's 12- and 14-inch dry/wet diamond blades are designed for general purpose, cured concrete, asphalt, green concrete, and fast cutting applications


Dewalt's 12- and 14-inch dry/wet diamond blades are designed for general purpose, cured concrete, asphalt, green concrete, and fast cutting applications using cut-off saws, block saws and walk-behind saws. The diamond-cutting surface is used to maximize speed of cut and longevity. The diamond segments are laser-welded for durability while the blade core reduces vibration and distortion at high operating temperatures.

The arbor diameter is adaptable for use on tools that have 1-inch arbors, while a pin hole on the 12- and 14-inch blades is used to hold the blade on walk-behind saws. Graphics on the blade indicate wet or dry capability, recommended applications and tools, and safety information.
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Multiquip offers operators from restoration contractors to do-it-yourself homeowners an inexpensive blade that boasts superior grinding speeds, according to the company. The Wafer Style Tuck Point Blades include eight wafer tuck blades with double and triple style models ranging from 4 to 7 inches in diameter and from 1/4- to 3/8-inch in thickness. With the streamlined blade thickness, operators can remove grout and mortar between bricks and concrete blocks in foundation walls in less time than that of a conventional tuck blade.
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Hilti offers six dry sawing high-speed blades for handheld and low horsepower walk-behind diamond saws. This line of Premium and Super Premium blades is color-coded for easy selection and includes such blades as the turbo, general purpose/concrete, granite and sandstone. Available in sizes ranging from 12 to 16 inches, the blades offer consistent quality and reliable cuttings for a wide range of general purpose applications.
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Wacker's Advantage and Advantage Plus diamond blades are good alternatives for a contractor cutting specific material all day with a hand saw. Because the contractor is cutting the same material, the blade will last longer than a high-speed general-purpose blade. The diamond blades range from 12 to 20 inches in diameter for five applications. This line of blades can also be categorized into four qualities of standard, heavy-duty, ultra, and extreme, and have wet and dry applications.
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Makita's Mforce 7 1/4 inch X 24 tooth carbide-tipped blade comes equipped with six cutting surfaces and a two-pointed tip. The face of the tooth is beveled and has 10-degree angles that create sharp cutting edges that shear the wood instead of chipping away for a faster cut. The blade also features a thin kerf design to pull less power from the tool giving operators a much more efficient cut.
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Metabo Corp.

The SXE400 3 1/8-inch orbital disc sander from Metabo provides increased flexibility for use in sanding applications. The Variospeed full-wave electronic speed control allows the sander to work in several applications, including woodworking, automotive bodywork, fine metalworking and polishing. Weighing 3.3 pounds, the SXE400 is easily maneuverable and its low 4 1/8 inch profile makes the sander compact enough to get into confined spaces difficult to reach with larger sanders. The small 3 1/8 inch sanding disc diameter enables even pressure to be exerted over the entire sanding surface, resulting in clean sanding on narrow surfaces.
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Hitachi Power Tool

The SP18VA 7-inch sander/polisher from Hitachi includes a powerful motor, has a compact size and a feather-light weight. The high-powered motor delivers 2,220 watts and the unit weighs 6.2 pounds. The SP18VA's ball bearing construction has been modified to contain iron-bearing bushings that improve the heat resistance of the bearing chamber and increase performance and product life. For increased comfort, the sander/polisher comes equipped with a loop handle that offers users a larger grip surface and different grip angles.
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Diamond Products

The Cut-All high-speed diamond blade from Diamond Products cuts a wide variety of materials, including concrete, masonry, block, stone, ductile iron, asphalt and reinforced concrete. The split segment design removes slurry efficiently for faster cutting and creates a larger weld surface that doubles the strength of other split segment blades. It is available in 12-, 14-, 16- and 20-inch diameter sizes and is suited for walk-behind saws as well as hand-held cut-off saws.
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Shindaiwa's EC7500 and EC7600 cut-off saws are designed for a 12- and 14-inch wheel capacity, respectively. Both saws are powered by a 73.5 cc displacement, 4.5 hp engine, and feature high torque designed transmission for optimum cutting performance. A sealed side cover enclosing the multi-ribbed V-belt has a quick and easy adjustment system, and an external indicator to verify proper belt tension. Operators can rotate the drive train from standard inline cutting to flush cutting in a short time. The standard 22 mm arbor size converts to 20 mm and 25.4 mm with special adapters included in both cut-off saws. To reduce operator fatigue and vibration on the hands, an ergonomically designed front handle and full 6-point anti-vibe system come standard.
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