Husqvarna Boot Camp Puts Innovation into Action

Sept. 1, 2012
There’s no doubt that the most fun introduction to new construction equipment and tools is with some handson operation time.

There’s no doubt that the most fun introduction to new construction equipment and tools is with some hands-on operation time. What better way to understand the innovations at work than to witness them with your own eyes and by your own hands? With several products to introduce and showcase, Husqvarna Construction Products recently hosted members of the media at its North American headquarters in Olathe, Kan., for a full-day operator boot camp.

On a working concrete slab demonstration area behind its offices, Husqvarna showcased several products, including the DXR 310 remote-controlled demolition robot, which the company introduced to expand its product portfolio and to address the trend in Europe of utilizing robots to avoid vibration exposure in workers. Designed for light demolition, indoor work and sensitive environments, the DXR 310 uses Bluetooth technology for transferring signals via remote control. The control system is engineered to easily cope with harsh demolition environments involving heavy vibrations, concrete dust and water.

“Its weight-to-power ratio has been optimized to make it powerful but simultaneously lightweight,” says Thomas Nilsson, demolition equipment business manager. “It is stable and has a long range; the low-profile body gives the user a better view and can successfully maneuver in restricted spaces.”

At the hands of this editor, the DXR 310 was a thrill to operate.

Next up was the Husqvarna K3000 Vac, which is designed for use with the company’s 14-inch electric saw to minimize harmful dust while sawing. The K3000 Vac is well suited to indoor applications or confined areas where gas should not be used or wet-cutting is undesirable. It can handle dust from cutting building block, pipe, reinforcement bar, and other support materials. In addition, the new WT 15 water tank serves as the water source when an operator switches to wet cutting. It holds enough water to cut continuously for 20 minutes before refilling.

Also on hand at the boot camp was the DM 220 drill, which is equipped with a new level guidance system for vertical, horizontal or angled drilling — either wet or dry. The machine’s front handle can be turned 360 degrees for convenient adjustment in cramped areas. In addition, an LED indicator shows when the machine is in vertical or horizontal position to calibrate the system to receive guidance for angled drilling. This machine’s electronic positioning system allows the operator, either inexperienced or professional, to stay focused on drilling while still controlling the machine’s position — a significant benefit for rental customers.

A new tile saw, the TS 60, features a water containment system that allows for tile cutting indoors without the worry of messy water spray. The unit cuts bricks and tile up to 20 inches diagonal or 24-inch rip cuts. As RER’s onsite editor observed when operating the TS 60, the jet stream containment system keeps water inside the water pan, truly keeping the run-off and spray contained so that tile contractors no longer need to run outside every time they need to make a new cut.

The new AD 10 automatic drilling system can be combined with the DMS 280 drill stand to reduce operator fatigue and facilitate core drilling small- to large-diameter holes. It offers a variable speed of 0 to 10 feet in both directions.

“The AD10 is based on completely new technology, allowing it to sense which Husqvarna model it’s working with and to optimize the power supply for that particular model,” says Lars Gustafsson, product head of construction equipment. “That assures constant, high efficiency; better drilling precision; and it is easier on the tool as well as the operator.”

Also showcased was a small and lightweight wet/dry vacuum, the DC 1400, which is designed for dust control when used with the PG 400 and PG 280 floor grinders. Its automatic dust filter is self-cleaning to prevent clogging while working. An auxiliary start/stop system enables remote start/stop of the vacuum when starting or stopping a connected hand tool.

With the FS 6600D flat saw, boot camp participants were able to experience the versatile concrete cutting power of an electric tracking system, which lets the operator make tracking adjustments with the touch of a switch while cutting. A patented power transmission system transmits more power to the bladeshaft with optimum torque, and a tachometer/bladeshaft rpm gauge helps the operator identify the correct bladeshaft rpm for the selected blade size. Available in versions with 3-speed or 1-speed transmission, the 3-speed version extends the range of applications for the FS6600D and allows for optimum performance when step cutting. rer