Heating & Ventilation

July 1, 2008
Temp-Air The CH-Series of portable heaters from Temp-Air are designed for versatility with higher discharge temperatures and comparatively low air capacities.


The CH-Series of portable heaters from Temp-Air are designed for versatility with higher discharge temperatures and comparatively low air capacities. Available from 300,000 to 1-million Btu per hour, these units are well suited for loose enclosures such as under concrete deck pours and spot heating applications. Installed either inside or outside, all CH-Series heaters draw 100-percent fresh air through the intake, and discharge tempered air controlled by a remote thermostat, while automatically cycling from low- to high-fire to maintain the desired temperature.
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MTA Distributors

The White Radiant Outdoor LP Heater provides 40,000 Btu per hour, Piezo, push-button ignition and an automatic safety tip-over device. A vertical-shaped heat emitter, 34-inch rust-free aluminum reflector and fully integral ignition control valve are additional features. No electricity is required and a wheel kit is included. Applications include patio, deck and pool areas.
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Wacker Neuson

The new Wacker Neuson portable Cub 300 indirect-fired heater provides up to 80-percent net heater efficiency. The Cub 300 has a maximum heat input of 302,000 Btu per hour at an airflow rate of 3,690 cubic feet per minute. The unit runs on kerosene or No. 1/No. 2 diesel fuel. The Cub 300 offers lower operating costs by producing more heat per gallon of fuel consumed, resulting in dramatic fuel savings. All models of the Cub 300 feature a 100-percent stainless-steel firebox and heat exchanger for long-lasting durability and robust performance.
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SunStar Heating Products

The new heavy-duty SunStar RCH Series spot heaters do not use electricity and can comfortably heat an enclosed area of up to 2,500 square feet without using fans or moving parts common with many other spot heaters. The heaters are CSA design certified and rated at 95,000 Btu per hour for propane models or 100,000 Btu per hour for natural gas models. Both models are available in manual or thermostatic control. A flame failure safety device is provided for safety. In operation, a stainless-steel heat exchanger beams radiant heat around the entire circumference of the heater for a continuous flow of heat.
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Euramco Safety

Ramfan's UB20 portable heating and ventilation system now included a thermostat control that maintains a desired level of warmth in a workspace or a tent and extends the life of the propane tank. The UB20 system also delivers continuous airflow for worker safety when the heater is not in use. The system operates on a standard propane tank and includes a UB20 blower, the 70,000- Btu heater, a duct storage canister and duct, plus a standard propane regulator and hose connector.
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Allmand Bros.

Allmand Bros. offers a line of indirect oil-fired portable heaters designed to provide heated air that is free of moisture and contaminants. With three models that operate on only 120 volts and range in capacity from 320,000 to 505,000 Btu, the Allmand indirect-fired heaters are designed for construction, mining, aviation, agricultural and municipal applications. Equipped with an industrial-grade power burner that is powered by a ¼-hp motor, the heaters deliver between 2,500 to 3,100 cfm, and a 200-and 220-degree F discharge temperature at 50 F. A heavy-duty heat exchanger serves as a barrier to the flame and allows fumes and combustion products to be vented through a flue stack and away from the heated area.
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General Equipment

The EP8HL hazardous location air ventilation blower from General Equipment designed for areas containing hazardous locations including petrochemical plants, fuel servicing facilities, industrial processing locations and grain elevators. Power is supplied by a 1/3-hp, 115-VAC explosion-proof electric motor. Other design features include spark-proof aluminum-alloy construction, self-contained on/off switch and wiring components meeting hazardous location specifications.
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Americ Corp.

Americ's VAF Series air ventilators are designed for most confined space applications. Americ offers 8-inch, 12-inch and 20-inch models for applications ranging from man cooling to hazardous space atmospheres. Manufactured of durable, high-density polyethylene plastic, the VAF Series is portable and lightweight. Power sources range from 110-volt AC, 220-volt AC, 12-volt DC to pneumatic. Cfm ratings range from 848 cfm to 8,000 cfm.
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