Husqvarna Hires District Sales Manager, Names Surface Preparation Specialist

Ryan Yonkers joins Husqvarna as a district sales manager for Ohio.

Husqvarna this week announced it has hired a new district sales manager and a surface preparation specialist. Ryan Yonkers joined the company as a district sales manager for Ohio and Donnie Milz was named to the Surface Preparation team.

Yonkers is a 15-year veteran of the construction industry. He previously worked as a supervisor for a concrete contractor in Ohio for 11 years, where he was also responsible for sales and estimating. Yonkers has also worked in outside sales for construction supplies and light equipment.

Donnie Milz joins the Surface Preparation team at Husqvarna. He was previously North Carolina district sales manager.

Donnie Milz was recently named to the Surface Preparation team. Milz, who was previously district sales manager for North Carolina, accepted the position of surface preparation specialist for the Southeast.

Husqvarna Construction Products manufactures equipment and diamond tools for the construction and stone industries. The product range includes power cutters, floor saws, ultra early entry saws, tile and masonry saws, wall and wire saws, core drilling machines, surface preparation equipment, demolition equipment and diamond tools for these and other applications.

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