Gehl Introduces New Solid Rubber Tire Option

Gehl Co. last week introduced a new solid rubber tire option available for Gehl DL Series and RS Series telescopic handlers. These single-aperture tires have many advantages over standard pneumatic and foam-filled tires. The solid rubber tire will never puncture, blow-out or go flat, thus reducing down-time and increasing productivity on the jobsite. Solid rubber tires last up to four-times as long as standard pneumatic and foam-filled tires, resulting in a long-lasting return on investment.

In addition, key benefits and features of the new solid rubber tires include: extra large tapered lugs for enhanced traction and maximum wear life, long-wearing tread compound that resists cutting and chunking, superior stability on improved and unimproved surfaces, and single-aperture holes, which provide shock absorption for a more comfortable ride.

The solid rubber tires are available for purchase immediately for Gehl DL11 and DL12 telescopic handlers. They will soon become available for all RS Series and DL Series telescopic handlers.

For more information visit the Gehl website at

West Bend, Wis.-based Gehl Co. is a leading manufacturer of equipment used worldwide in construction and agricultural applications.

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