Portable security system

Portable security system

Doosan Infracore Portable Power introduces the Ingersoll Rand MVS-6 mobile security system that allows remote monitoring of jobsites or other outdoor areas. The MVS-6 (mobile video surveillance) works as an extra set of eyes to effectively monitor and record images in various environments such as construction sites, parking lots and equipment yards. The MVS-6 can be remotely operated, using software that connects the user to the system’s day/night imaging camera and a 40GB DVR via a wireless connection. The operator can access the DVR to review recorded images, and remotely control the pan/tilt/zoom functions of the camera. An installed motion detector initiates the camera operation when movement is detected. The wireless communication system allows for easy networking of multiple MVS-6 units to secure a large area and allows one person to monitor an entire jobsite or other area.

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