Double-drum steel rollers

Double-drum steel rollers

Sakai America introduces two small double-drum steel rollers. The SW320-1 and SW330-1 (pictured) models offer a high frequency of 4,000 vpm, which translates to higher operating speeds, while still maintaining the industry standard of 10 to 12 impacts per foot. With drum widths of 47 and 51 inches, respectively, these rollers offer compaction and smoothness on small-scale jobs such as municipal roads, driveways, parking lots, bicycle paths and sports courts. The models feature a hydrostatic drive on both ends of the machine. These dual-drive systems are designed so that materials will be pulled beneath the drums to ensure compaction, while avoiding shoving and checking. Improved 360-degree visibility and a view of both drum edges are provided by Sakai’s new sliding bucket seat system. Seatbelts and ROPS are also provided for safety and as standard equipment on the models.

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