Asset tracking device

Asset tracking device

Intergis, a provider of mobile resource management and logistics technologies, introduces the Kuva, a highly configurable wireless asset tracking device for businesses to prevent theft and monitor high value assets using GPS/GSM system technology. Kuva can be easily attached to an asset and immediately provides location, time/date and motion information that it then transmits to a remote server via a wireless network. Users can track each transmission, which appears in a web-based mapping or satellite imagery application, with the exact location of the asset being tracked. Kuva features proprietary software that allows users to select reporting frequency for each device. Set to send data in “time-only mode,” Kuva will transmit at pre-programmed intervals, for example reporting hourly from 5 p.m. to 6 a.m. when no one is present to monitor equipment or materials. The unit can also be set to report based on specific events such as movement or no movement.

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