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April 1, 2007
Kent Demolition Tools The Redline Series from Kent Demolition Tools includes the KFS-3 floor scraper, paving breakers, the K600 mini rivet buster, the

Kent Demolition Tools

The Redline Series from Kent Demolition Tools includes the KFS-3 floor scraper, paving breakers, the K600 mini rivet buster, the KCB series chippers and the RD75-1 rock drill. The KFS-3 floor scraper is designed for use in upright or long reach applications. The K600 mini rivet buster has a strong steel D-type handle, a lightweight rubber muffler and a piston designed to stay inside the hammer. The RD75-1 rock drill can be used in concrete or rock for depths of 8 feet or more. Each tool features four-bolt, ergonomically designed handles for operator comfort and rigid connection to the cylinder.
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Edco's air-powered chisel scaler, with its slim profile and versatile accessories, is designed for use on construction sites, rehab and repair jobs, and manufacturing facilities. The chisel scaler removes vinyl and ceramic tile, pool deck coatings, hardened food deposits, fiberglass and other manufacturing buildup, and also chips away concrete, asphalt and slag. Requiring 8 cfm of air at 90 psi, the ergonomic tool allows operators to stand up straight, reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity.
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Kaeser Compressors offers a line of air tools that includes paving breakers, rock drills, rivet busters, trench diggers, chipping hammers and backfill tampers. These heavy-duty tools are suited for construction and site work. The paving breakers are available in 50-, 60- and 90-pound models and are designed to reduce fatigue, increase productivity and lower noise levels without compromising performance. The valves, pistons and other moving parts are made from shock-resistant tool steels.
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Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand introduces the Promaxx MX60 (pictured) and MX90. A Powr-Strok piston cycle transfers blow energy directly to the tool. Non-metallic materials eliminate rust and ensure consistent performance. Ergonomically designed handles, grips, throttle lever and housing help ensure maximum operator comfort. Operators can also choose exhaust air direction using the 360-degree rotation of the variable exhaust deflector.
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MTA Distributors

The Tamco chipping hammer 4-bolt features a D-type handle for strength and grip. The exhaust deflector diverts exhaust while providing a comfortable grip. The tool requires 28.2 cfm at 90 psi and produces 1,900 bpm.
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General Equipment

General Equipment's MDF15 long-reach air tool is designed for asbestos abatement, coating and acoustic tile removal, as well as a variety of surface cleaning and preparation applications. Producing 3,700 bpm while requiring a flow rate of 6 cfm at 90 psi, the MDF15 weighs less than 10 pounds without additional accessory tools. Other standard features include an ergonomically designed throttle valve with protective enclosure and a 60-inch whip hose.
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CS Unitec

The CS 71773 air saw from CS Unitec is designed to cut through reinforced concrete, brick, block, concrete pipe, rock and natural stone. The air saw is capable of plunge cuts up to 14 inches deep in one pass and can cut square corners for doors and windows. The saw can be used hand-held or with the optional SpeedHook guide to make straight cuts through walls and other surfaces. The CS 71773 can be used with a range of diamond saw chains to cut a variety of concrete and masonry materials.
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The Sullair MPB-90 AFS paving breaker is ergonomically designed with an anti-vibration handle that reduces vibration up to 60 percent to minimize operator fatigue. Vibration is reduced by crossed handles that swivel on pins located on either side of the breaker head. Helical springs prevent contact between the handles and the breaker body, allowing the springs to act as isolators. A silent muffler reduces noise levels by 6 dBA, or 50 percent, and prevents the tool from freezing.
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Atlas Copco Construction Tools

The TEX 10 pneumatic pick hammer from Atlas Copco Construction Tools features a long piston stroke and relatively low impact frequency. The tool is designed for light demolition and controlled chiseling of concrete and hard brick, especially close to walls and in confined spaces. The TEX weighs 23.6 pounds and has a length of 19.8 inches. The unit accepts a 7/8-inch by 3¼-inch standard hex-shaped tool shank and features a kick-latch retainer that facilitates quick tool changing on the job. The pick hammer requires 36 cfm of air and delivers a maximum impact frequency of 1,350 bpm.
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DeWalt introduces the D51236K, a 1¼-inch brad nailer (pictured), the D51420K, a 1-inch narrow crown stapler kit, and the D51422K, a 1½-inch narrow crown stapler kit. With each kit weighing less than 3.3 pounds, the lightweight brad nailer and narrow crown finish staplers are each protected by a sturdy, magnesium body that allows the tools to survive drops and withstand jobsite abuse. Each tool is equipped with a trigger lock-off, a safety feature that allows the trigger to be disabled when it is not in use to prevent accidental discharge.
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Chicago Pneumatic Construction Tools

Chicago Pneumatic introduces the CP 0017 vibration-reduced chipping hammer, which features a strong steel spring vibration isolator assembly that limits vibration levels to 2.7 m/s2. The unit also features a standard D-type ergonomic trigger handle. Two versions of the hammer are available, both equipped with a screw cap tool retainer and small shanks to keep the units lightweight. Both models require 36 cfm of air and can produce up to 1,900 bpm. The units are compact at a length of 21 inches and deliver a 3-inch tool stroke during operation.
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