Turbine Vibrators

Turbine Vibrators

/images/archive/204RER1402.jpg" vspace="0" border="0" hspace="3" height="188" width="250"> The CCL-4000 and CCL 7000 pneumatic turbine vibrators from Vibco work on Vibco’s patented turbine principle specifically designed to generate high force and high frequency with minimal noise. Both models meet OSHA noise standards with a decibel rating of 78-85 dB, have high speed bearings with oil-seals that are prelubricated for life and start in any position. The use of prelubricated, oversized bearings assures a long and maintenance-free service life. These models fit all of today’s lug and cradle brackets with the CCL-4000 fitting all standard small brackets and the CCL-7000 fitting all large brackets. 800-633-0032

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