RSC Adopts Environmentally Safe Parts-Washing System

Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Rental Service Corp., North America’s second-largest rental company is preparing to convert all of its shops to an environmentally friendly parts washing system, company officials said.

RSC’s more than 500 branches in the United States, Canada and Mexico are switching from a heavy solvents-based parts washing method to a system that eliminates hazardous wastes, air pollution and safety risks.

The SmartWasher, developed by Norcross, Ga.-based ChemFree, is the first complete parts washing system that is both cost-effective and environmentally safe, RSC officials said. ChemFree president Frank Marks said RSC is the first national equipment rental chain to install the bioremediating parts-washing system in all its locations.

The system deploys naturally occurring microbes to break down organic compounds such as oil and grease particles. The equipment, which safely washes away dissolved contaminants, eliminates the need to haul away dangerous toxic wastes, RSC officials said.

“We believe it’s in the best interest of the communities we serve as well as our employees’ safety,” said William Smith, director of services for RSC. “As a result, we won’t have to file government registrations for hazardous materials, which saves us -- and the government -- time, energy and money.”

ChemFree customers include the U.S. and U.K. postal services, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, CarMax, BMW, Avis Car Rental, Pep Boys, Coca-Cola Enterprises, General Motors, Chrysler and Federal Express.

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