President Bush Visits Rain for Rent

President George W. Bush visited Rain for Rent on March 4th, for his second in a series of economic forums to discuss the positive impact of his tax policy for small businesses and tax-paying employees.

The National Association of Manufacturers and the White House contacted Rain for Rent to discuss the President’s interest in interviewing small business owners and their families to find out personally how they were affected by the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003. Both temporary tax-cut programs are slated to be eliminated in 2005 if Congress does not act to extend the law.

To prepare for the President’s visit, Rain for Rent surrounded the stage with Rain for Rent tanks, pumps and filtration equipment from the rental fleet.

President Bush interviewed Rain for Rent employees and small business owners from the community. Ismael Diaz and Theresa Avila, Rain for Rent employees, and Les Den Herder, CEO of Victory Circle Chassis and Parts, Chris DiSalvo of GMC Roofing, and John Lake, president of Rain for Rent, discussed small business tax policy and shared with the President how the tax credits affected their families and businesses.

During the visit, Lake advised the president that accelerated tax depreciation had allowed Rain for Rent to purchase additional capital assets, infusing not only local economy, but also the economies of those states that manufacture Rain for Rent’s United States-made products. Lake said with the assistance of the president’s tax-cut policies, the company has purchased more than $50 million in capital assets and increased employment by 24 percent throughout its 50 U.S. locations.

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