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More Lift Buyers Purchase From Rental Companies

Associated Equipment Distributors’ Construction Equipment Marketplace Report last week reported that only 57.7 percent of equipment buyers purchase new lifting equipment (aerial-work platforms, forklifts, hydraulic cranes and lattice-boom cranes) from an authorized dealer.

Scissorlifts are the least likely to be purchased from an authorized dealer. Only 12.5 percent of contractors who purchased a scissorlift bought it from an authorized dealer, according to the report. Only 18.8 percent of buyers purchased boom lift aerial-work platforms from authorized dealers.

According to the report, nearly 33 percent of respondents who purchased lifting equipment bought it from rental companies and 22.5 percent purchased them at auction.

More than 56 percent of boom-lift aerial-work platform buyers bought them from a rental company and 12.5 percent bought them at auction.

More than half of the forklift buyers (55.6 percent) bought them from an authorized dealer; 14.8 percent purchased them from rental companies and 11.1 percent at auction.

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